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  1. Ten20 EEG Conductive Paste - 8oz Jars - 3 pack
    Ten20 is an opaque adhesive paste that is intended to reduce skin impedance when using non-disposable neurodiagnostic electrodes. Ten20 is a staple for expert technicians throughout the world who have come to rely on its optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity. Learn More
  2. GS27 Pre-gelled Disposable sEMG/ECG Electrodes - 150 pack
    Hypoallergenic, AgAgCl flat pellet spread with a thin coating of a .5 percent saline base conductive gel and embedded into a fabric style backing. Electrodes do not contain any latex. Surface EMG/EKG/ECG & biofeedback electrode. 6 electrodes per pouch for a total of 150 individual electrodes. Learn More
  3. Neurotrode Pre-gelled EEG/EMG/ECG Sensors - 60 pack
    Disposable EEG sensors. 0.7 inch diameter hard plastic outer disc housing with a pre-pasted Silver Silver Chloride snap style post pellet insert. Learn More
  4. GS26 Pre-gelled Disposable sEMG Electrodes - 150 pack
    The GS26 has a snap on style electrode pellet, pre-gelled with a .5 percent saline base gel and embedded into a paper thin, clear self adhesive disc. Electrodes do not contain any latex. 150 electrodes per package. These electrodes have also been sold under the manufacturer part # DBF3D77 Learn More
  5. DS03 - Round Foam Disposable sEMG Electrodes - 100 pack
    Three snap (triode) style 10mm (i.d.), Silver/Silver Chloride (AgCI), electrode pellets embedded into a 2 inches diameter, round foam style self adhesive pad. This product does not contain anything plant based or latex. Learn More
  6. 12mm Sintered Silver/Silver Chloride disc with 60 inch Leads - 2 Pack (Black & Red)
    2 Pack (Black & Red) - 12MM Sintered AG Chloride sensor with a 60 inch leadwire (LOW PROFILE) - For use with the Neurofield or any 1.5mm DIN connector. Learn More
  7. Technomed Silver Cup EEG Ear-clips - 2 pack
    Reusable ear-clip cup electrodes designed to provide effectiveness, ease of use and reliable signals every time Learn More
  8. Easytrode - White Cloth Pregelled sEMG Electrodes
    EASYTRODE 3SG3-N White Cloth Pregelled sEMG Electrodes. Learn More
  9. Silver/silver chloride, premium adhesive solid gel tab (non-echo) - Box of 1000
    Vermed SilveRestâ„¢ electrodes are the standard in diagnostic electrodes. Superior silver/silver chloride technology and quality construction produce an electrode that performs every time. Excellent adhesion and clear traces mean no repeat testing. SilveRestâ„¢ electrodes .984" x .90" / 24.99mm x 22.86mm - Rectangular Tab Electrode - Ag/AgCl Learn More
  10. Aquasonic 100 - Sterile - 48 Overwrapped Foil Pouches per box
    (48 per box) 20 gram pouches per box. Sterile packet containing the world standard for medical ultrasound transmission. Sterile Aquasonic 100 is recommended for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications when sterility is indicated. Part# PLI 01-01. Learn More
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