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  1. GS27 Pre-gelled Disposable sEMG/ECG Electrodes - 150 pack
    Hypoallergenic, AgAgCl flat pellet spread with a thin coating of a .5 percent saline base conductive gel and embedded into a fabric style backing. Electrodes do not contain any latex. Surface EMG/EKG/ECG & biofeedback electrode. 6 electrodes per pouch for a total of 150 individual electrodes. Learn More
  2. Ten20 EEG Conductive Paste - 8oz Jars - 3 pack
    Ten20 is an opaque adhesive paste that is intended to reduce skin impedance when using non-disposable neurodiagnostic electrodes. Ten20 is a staple for expert technicians throughout the world who have come to rely on its optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity. Learn More
  3. T3404 Disposable Strip EMG Electrodes - 100 pack
    Three Silver/Silver Chloride electrode pellets per strip. Each strip is self adhesive, 3 inches long, 1 inch high and perforated for easy separation. These pellets fit flush to the skin. - DISONTINUED Learn More
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  4. Neurotrode Pre-gelled EEG/EMG/ECG Sensors - 60 pack
    Disposable EEG sensors. 0.7 inch diameter hard plastic outer disc housing with a pre-pasted Silver Silver Chloride snap style post pellet insert. Learn More
  5. GS26 Pre-gelled Disposable sEMG Electrodes - 150 pack
    The GS26 has a snap on style electrode pellet, pre-gelled with a .5 percent saline base gel and embedded into a paper thin, clear self adhesive disc. Electrodes do not contain any latex. 150 electrodes per package. These electrodes have also been sold under the manufacturer part # DBF3D77 Learn More
  6. DS03 - Round Foam Disposable sEMG Electrodes - 100 pack
    Three snap (triode) style 10mm (i.d.), Silver/Silver Chloride (AgCI), electrode pellets embedded into a 2 inches diameter, round foam style self adhesive pad. This product does not contain anything plant based or latex. Learn More
  7. 12mm Sintered Silver/Silver Chloride disc with 60 inch Leads - 2 Pack (Black & Red)
    2 Pack (Black & Red) - 12MM Sintered AG Chloride sensor with a 60 inch leadwire (LOW PROFILE) - For use with the Neurofield or any 1.5mm DIN connector. Learn More
  8. Technomed Silver Cup EEG Ear-clips - 2 pack
    Reusable ear-clip cup electrodes designed to provide effectiveness, ease of use and reliable signals every time Learn More
  9. Easytrode - White Cloth Pregelled sEMG Electrodes
    EASYTRODE 3SG3-N White Cloth Pregelled sEMG Electrodes. Learn More
  10. Silver/silver chloride, premium adhesive solid gel tab (non-echo) - Box of 1000
    Vermed SilveRestâ„¢ electrodes are the standard in diagnostic electrodes. Superior silver/silver chloride technology and quality construction produce an electrode that performs every time. Excellent adhesion and clear traces mean no repeat testing. SilveRestâ„¢ electrodes .984" x .90" / 24.99mm x 22.86mm - Rectangular Tab Electrode - Ag/AgCl Learn More
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