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Used MyoTrac Infiniti - 2 Channel EMG & Stim - Rehab Suite (clinical) w/continence Protocols

  • 2 channel sEMG, Stimulation, sEMG Triggered Stim
  • Delivers targeted stim based on client’s EMG signal
  • Review, replay, and export session data
  • Stand-alone device with touch screen
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The MyoTrac Infiniti system (T9850)is a 2 channel sEMG, sEMG Triggered Stim and Stim device. This unit comes with the specialized Rehab Suite that includes continence protocols for Incontinence training.

MyoTrac Infiniti systems allow you to measure high-resolution surface electromyography (sEMG) and perform electrical stimulation in a large number of configurations. The MyoTrac Infiniti stands apart from the competition by also performing sEMG-triggered stimulation. sEMG is used to trigger stimulation (EMG triggered Stim is not available in the US), to help patients improve volitional activation of targeted muscle groups. This combination of three modalities enhances treatment possibilities and eliminates the requirements for multiple devices. Includes the Continence Suite for Pelvic Floor Rehab

  • 2 channels of SEMG
  • 1 channel of STIM (sEMG triggered stim not available in USA)
  • Stand Alone device with touch screen
  • Bargraphs, linegraphs, statistics
  • Adjustable gains
  • Statistics stored to memory
  • Patient lock feature
  • On board memory - saves sEMG statistical summary data.
  • PC USB interface - allows live recording to BioGraph Infiniti software, powers the unit and recharges the batteries.
  • A wide variety of configurations to meet your treatment and budgetary needs.
  • Easy to navigate Touch Screen with simple screens to easily guide you through setup and training.
  • Auto-threshold, audio feedback with a wide variety of display screens.
  • Over 30 pre-programmed protocols. Room to expand and add your own protocols.
  • A lock feature ensures patient compliance for use in a multi-room clinic or when used as a take home unit to further enhance clinical training.
  • Light, portable and compact in a rugged ergonomic case.
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You're reviewing:Used MyoTrac Infiniti - 2 Channel EMG & Stim - Rehab Suite (clinical) w/continence Protocols
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  1. Shawna Anderson

    2020-01-12 20:36:40

    Does this unit come with the software suite? I was wanting to make sure prior to purchasing. Would you be willing to accept $1500?

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2020-01-21 21:09:08

      This does come with the software suite. We would accept $1500

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Benefits of Biofeedback Training

By providing the patient, and their therapist, access to muscular information about which they are both generally unaware, biofeedback provides accurate, reliable, measurable, objective data to augment and support the subjective reporting of the patient and observations of the therapist.

Muscle activity can be recorded and used to provide both instant feedback for motivation, learning and improved rehabilitation and display trend reports over sessions, to demonstrate with objective numbers, the value of the therapy both to the patient and the service provider or payer.

BioGraph Infiniti Software with Rehab Suite (clinical)

The Rehab Suite has been designed by and for physical therapists. It comes with a clinical guide, explaining the general concepts of each modality.

  • Easy to understand Tutorials that guide you through patient setup and progress right into an evaluation.
  • Customizable reports for demonstrating compliance for third party billing.
  • Templates to guide your patients on their performance goals.
  • Color coded screens designed for specific applications.
  • Receives data live from the MyoTrac Infiniti USB cable or from data saved to compact flash memory.

Audio Visuals Can Make A World of Difference

Comprehensive use of animations and sounds provide relevant rehabilitation goals and activities to keep patients motivated at the highest level:

  • Single and dual channel line graphs, bar graphs and digital displays
  • Spectral displays
  • Median frequency for muscle fatigue assessment
  • Above and below threshold sound feedback options
  • A wide variety of sounds and music
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Templates include a range of simple to challenging visual traces for your patients to follow

The Suite comes with a number of pre-made templates - or you can create your own.

Continence Protocols

An extensive set of scripts geared to the treatment of incontinence. The suite provides work-rest or continuous exercise protocols containing templates of varying degrees of difficulty. Allows you to build training programs suited to your patient's individual needs.

The Suite proposes various screens and scripts for:

  • Perineal Control
  • Controlled perineal contraction
  • Held perineal contraction
  • Pelvic floor hypertonicity
  • Pelvic floor hypotonicity
  • Postpartum perineal tonicity
  • Relaxation of perineal muscles
  • Stress incontinence
  • and more...

The Myotrac Infiniti has firmware on the unit with preprogrammed protocols for various body locations.

In addition, the Rehab Suite provides a variety of tutorials, different protocols, open displays etc. by body location and includes some incontinence protocols as well. When the system is powered up to the computer, the MyoTrac Infiniti becomes a slave unit and works only as an encoder. The software does only sEMG, NO STIM.

Although the MyoTrac Infiniti does not include the Developer Tools, if you wish to attend one of the scheduled Developer Tools workshops, we will provide you the Developer Tools for free which will then allow you to develope your own protocol.

Another feature of this system is a compact flash slot which will allow you to use a compact flash card(not included)which can be formatted by the BioGraph Infiniti software.

Once formatted, the advantage for this would be a clinic that buys the MyoTrac T9850 and either has multiple rooms so you only need to buy one clinical system and the other systems can be used as stand alone, or a clinic can send their patients home with the system. The clinician formats the compact flash card, sets the system up for the protocol the patient is to use, initiate the lock function so the patient can not change the information and then the patient goes home or into another room, does their exercise(s) and then brings the compact flash card back for analysis.

The clinician then downloads this information to the clinical system and can evaluate it at a later point in time. Information saved to a compact flash card (optional) is the raw data and allows you to review the session on the system with a line graph or download the session to the clinical system software. Only the statistical information will be saved to the system.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Myotrac User Manual (USA)

Computer Requirements

View Computer Requirements for Thought Technology software (opens in a new browser tab)


  • Battery Life: Alkaline cells (1200mAh) or Battery Pack (700mAh) = 3 / 4 hours typical.
  • Low Battery Warning: Before shut down
  • ADC output: 14bits
  • Encoder sample rate: 1048 samples/second nominal
  • Encoder channel bandwidth (3dB): Internal EMG amplifier 20 - 500Hz, External Sensor Input: DC - 500Hz
  • Anti-aliasing Filter: 4th order Butterworth - 3dB at 500Hz
  • Alias rejection: 24dB typical
  • Gain accuracy: +/-0.5%
  • Accuracy including external sensor: +/- 5% +0.6uV RMS
  • STIM SETTINGS: VALID BETWEEN 500koHms to 1koHm load impedance.
  • Stimulation Intensity: 0mA - 100mA
  • Stimulation Pulse Rate: 2Hz - 100Hz / 12.5Hz - 200Hz (Myotrac Infiniti u-control version)