Biofeedback: a first-line of treatment for idiopathy

Listening and counseling patients are an important part of therapy, as well as biofeedback to coordinate their defecatory muscles during straining.

This article identifies and defines the various types of defecatory problems which make up idiopathic constipation. The main diagnostic tests for this condition are specified, and there is a discussion about the limited role that laxatives, fiber, and surgery play in the management of this condition. The authors suggests that the first line of treatment should be biofeedback and other non invasive treatments. The authors suggest that there is often significant psychological factors which contribute to this condition.

Storrie, JB. (1997). Biofeedback: a first-line of treatment for idiopathic constipation. British Journal of Nursing. 6(3): 152-8, FEB 13-26.

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