Neurofeedback Report: An Efficacious Treatment for Behavioral Health

BrainFutures’ report, Neurofeedback: An Efficacious Treatment for Behavioral Health, outlines a clear case for neurofeedback (NFB) in treating certain conditions. NFB has a 70-year history, and in the past 20 years, numerous studies, including large meta-analyses, have confirmed NFB as an effective treatment modality for ADHD and anxiety. The report outlines the history and application of neurofeedback and features an in-depth, research-based review of neurofeedback as a treatment for these conditions. It summarizes the evidence that demonstrates NFB to be both efficacious and specific in improving ADHD symptoms and effective in treating anxiety-related conditions. In addition, comprehensive appendices explore the fundamentals of neurofeedback, including brainwaves, NFB technology, and foundational treatment protocols. 

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