The Next Decade of Healthcare: Brain Mapping for Autism

“Where conventional therapies and medications fell short, this therapy seems to be making a difference.

“I noticed right away after a few sessions he was doing a much better job of listening when we went to stores like Publix and Walmart, he was much better at staying with me. Prior to that he would leave and run down the aisle way,” said Murby.

This is exactly what Director Gregg Sledziewski says should happen.

He’s seen similar results in those with ADHD and those with learning disorders and autism by using brain mapping.

“Once we see the areas of dis-regulation or the areas where the brain is not operating within standard deviation or not the way it’s supposed to, we can determine what is the best neuro-feedback protocol to bring those waves back into standard deviation…or normal… and where we should be training,” said Sledziewski.”

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