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  1. BVP/HRV Finger Sensor for Physiocom GP-4 , GP-8 & GP-12
    Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) Finger Sensor for GP-4 , GP-8 and GP-12 biofeedback devices from Physiocom Designs (formerly J&J Engineering). Can be used for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training Learn More
    Replacement EMG / ECG / EEG cable, with ground, for J&J I-330-C2+ or I-330-C2 GP+ system. Learn More
  3. J&J C-2 Plus Wrist to Wrist ECG - MC5D
    The J&J MC-5D is a gel-free ECG wrist to wrist sensor. Reusable Heart Rate Sensors. For use with the J&J C-2+ 6 channel and the J&J C2+ 12 channel biofeedback systems. Learn More
  4. J&J Input Extension Cable
    Input extender for the J&J C2+ 12 channel and 6 channel systems. Learn More
  5. Used J&J CH600 EDG Cable
    Replacement cable for J+J original I330 modular system T-601 EDG/GSR module. SE-35 sensors optional. Learn More
  6. Used TD8 Temperature Sensor
    Replacement for J+J model T-68 Temperature Monitor. - USED Learn More
  7. Used PS400 PPG Sensor
    Replacement sensor and cable for original J+J I-330 P-401 Heart Rate/BVP module. Learn More
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