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Bioexplorer Software

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  1. BioExplorer Software v1.7
    100% of 100
    The BioExplorer is a Windows program for real-time biophysical data acquisition, processing, and display. The real power of BioExplorer comes from the ability to connect signal processing and display objects any way you want. Includes BioReview for post-session review recording the time, date, electrode locations, and subject name with each session. Learn More
    Now Only $382.50 Regular Price $425.00
  2. BioExplorer Tutorial
    A complete BASICS of BIOEXPLORER manual, updated to version 1.4 Beta of the software. Over 100 pages of interlinked HTML for easy cross-referencing, this user's manual is an excellent complement to BioExplorer's built-in Help menu. Learn More
    Now Only $54.00 Regular Price $60.00
  3. Bioplay 5 Pack Simple
    Five Bioplay Games for the price of four. Games are probably the most motivating feedback resource for children and young adults. Learn More
    $179.96 Regular Price $199.95
  4. BioPlay High-Skill Game Pack
    BioPlay High-Skill Game Pack 5 games. More complex use of mouse and arrow keys. Learn More
  5. HEG AutoBaseline Training for BioExplorer
    This is an automated design for increasing blood oxygenation/metabolism to selected brain areas using threshold-based feedback of the HEG measure to control FLASH, DVD, MPEG, AVI video, MP3, WAV and/or MIDI sound. The threshold is defined by an automatic baseline capture after 70 seconds without feedback. If the user maintains a level of 10% or more above baseline or 2% or more below baseline for 20 seconds the baseline is automatically reset, so the system will continue to challenge throughout the condition. An EVENT button can be pressed to mark on a trend graph and on statistics an interesting moment during training for review later. Learn More
    $31.50 Regular Price $35.00
  6. Particle Editor for BioExplorer
    The 3rd Version of the Particle Editor Game. Particle Editor for BioExplorer allows virtually limitless design possibilities. Activate feedback elements from BioExplorer to control the dancing particles and make them move into new shapes and patterns. Learn More
    Now Only $449.10 Regular Price $499.00
  7. Inner Tube for BioExplorer or Cygnet
    BioExplorer or Cygnet version of the Inner Tube Game. 3D game play is seamlessly integrated with physiological readings from the body. Learn More
  8. Windowed Squash - 1 and 2 channels
    General 2 channel training for an amplitude reduction in extreme frequencies, slow and fast. The default is a measurement of 2-6 Hz Theta and 23-38 Hz Beta3. Also promotes a growth of the predominant peak frequency of the brain, between 7 and 22Hz. Learn More
    Now Only $19.80 Regular Price $22.00
  9. Squish Design Pack - 1 and 2 channels - BioExplorer
    Here we show you your prime frequency activity in parts while training with a simple single summed target of amplitude reduction. Training frequencies can be personally defined with the FILTERS tool. The presets are 19-38Hz Beta3 activity. This is often used over the pre-frontal and temporal lobes. Learn More
    Now Only $19.80 Regular Price $22.00
  10. Peak Frequency and ECG- Alpha and Beta for BioExplorer
    EEG combines with ECG to train peak frequency and heart rate variability. Two designs are included in this pack. The Alpha design trains acceleration of the peak frequency in the ALPHA range. Combining HRV, Alpha% increase and Alpha frequency acceleration, one can expect a more responsive memory, sense of presence and motivation. The Beta design trains a slowing of the peak frequency in the BETA range to below 20Hz as well as Alpha% increase for a profound and sustainable calming effect. Learn More
    Now Only $31.50 Regular Price $35.00
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