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Mitsar Software

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  1. WinEEG Advanced Software for Mitsar
    WinEEG Advanced software allows for the recording, editing and analysis of continuously recorded EEG using a Mitsar amplifier. WinEEG advanced version allows the user all of the functions of the basic version and additionally the ability to import non-Mitsar format files, record Evented Related Potential data (with the use of PsyTask), and to perform database comparisons (with the addition of the HBI database). Learn More
  2. HBI Human Brain Indices Database
    100% of 100
    Child and Adult Reference Database for spectral analysis, event related potentials (ERPs). Includes 100 comparisons. The normative data base includes 3 minute fragments of EEG recorded in eye open, eyes closed conditions and in four different tasks (two stimulus GO/NOG task, Math, Reading and Acoustic tasks). The results of comparison are presented as maps of deviations from normality. From 6 to 60 years old Learn More
  3. ERP Calibration Kit for EEGstudio Software
    ERP Calibration Kit for EEGstudio Software & Mitsar hardware Learn More
  4. WinEEG Basic Software for Mitsar
    WinEEG software for Mitsar hardware is designed for recording and assessing up to 32 channels of EEG synchronously with video signals, as well as for recording and analyzing evoked responses. Learn More
    PSYTASK is software for visual/auditory stimuli presentation and psychophysiology investigations. Learn More
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