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  1. Flash Fix for Windows
    Flash Fix for Windows allows Flash-based games and scenes to be played and viewed under the new update from Windows that has blocked Flash from running. This patch is activated per computer. Works with BioGraph Infiniti, Brainmaster, BioExplorer, and BioEra biofeedback / neurofeedback software. Learn More
  2. Dual Drive II for emWave2, emWave Pro or emWave Pro Plus
    Start your engines and stay on course with Dual Drive II, revolutionary auto race game powered by your balanced heart-rhythms and inner alignment (coherence). Learn More
  3. Synergy Solution Suite
    The Synergy Solution Suite software uses eVu TPS finger sensors (not included) to access each user’s heart rate variability, arousal, and temperature. Learn More
  4. 360 Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    Five key body systems are covered with the 360’s assessment and self-regulation tools. All you need to do is what you’re already good at: discuss your client’s symptoms and goals. Based on their situation, select the appropriate system and we take care of the rest with tailored evaluation and training. Learn More
  5. BioGraph+Infiniti v6+ Suite - Full Infiniti Software Upgrade
    Full software package for Biograph Infiniti. Update your Biograph or Multitrace software to the most current Infiniti Software or add Infiniti software to Neurocare Pro, BioIntegrator or EEG spectrum system (may require TT-USB). This is also the full Infiniti software for the eVU TPS device, Myonyx EMG and the Myotrac Infiniti device. Choose your software suite at check out Learn More
  6. BioGraph Infiniti 6 Software Upgrade
    Requires previous version of BioGraph Infiniti software. Please provide serial # when ordering. If you have more than one device, each unit needs it's own upgrade to function with version 6. Learn More
  7. Arcade for Alive, IOM and emWave
    Arcade is a MEGA pack of 25 new feedback games for use with Alive, IOM and emWave sensors. Learn More
  8. BioExplorer Software v1.7
    100% of 100
    BioExplorer is a Windows program for real-time biophysical data acquisition, processing, and display. The real power of BioExplorer comes from the ability to connect signal processing and display objects any way you want. Includes BioReview for post-session review recording the time, date, electrode locations, and subject name with each session. Green Dongle. Learn More
  9. HRV Biofeedback Tutor Software
    HRV Biofeedback Tutor is a multimedia tutorial that is designed to prepare providers and students for BCIA's Certificate of Completion in HRV Biofeedback. Download only. Allow 24-48 hours to receive your download link. Learn More
  10. Biofeedback100 - BCIA Certification Web Review
    Biofeedback100 provides a current and extensive review for the BCIA Certification Exam in Biofeedback. The content for this web-based service was developed by Biosource Software, the leading creator of educational software for biofeedback professionals. This service allows you to take 20-question multiple-choice exams and receive immediate feedback on your performance. All you need to use Biofeedback100 is a web browser and an internet connection. Usage of web review good for 1 year from date of purchase. Learn More
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