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  1. Pro SB Converter / RS232
    The SA8950 is the component that the fiber optic cables uses to connect to the serial port for the ProComp+ encoder or Procomp 2 system. Learn More
  2. J&J Input Extension Cable
    Input extender for the J&J C2+ 12 channel and 6 channel systems. Learn More
  3. Incontinence Adapter for SRS ELAN
    Adapter cable for anal or vaginal sensors using legacy equipment. Perry probe adapter for SRS Elan sensors. Adapts old cable (pin style to new style phone connector). Learn More
  4. J&J Incontinece Adapter for C2 or MINI C2 GP
    Incontinence adapter cable for J&J MP7/MP8. Accepts the PIN style SRS Elan Leads. Or will accept newer style with adapter SRS 4646 (no charge if you buy this cable). Learn More
  5. DAVID PAL Glasses Extra User Package
    The PAL Extra User Package allows two people to enjoy the same session at the same time. Learn More
  6. 2M1F Y-Connector - DIN Style
    The Thought Technology SA9319 - 2 Male DIN to 1 Female Y-Connector connects two electrodes to a single input. Learn More
  7. 1M4F Y-Connector
    The SA9315-4 is a Y CONNECTOR CABLE - 1 Male DIN to 4 Female Y connector. Connects a single electrode to four inputs. Learn More
  8. SA9315 - Y-Connector
    The SA9315 connects a single electrode to two inputs. Allows use of the same electrode in two channels for common ground or reference. 1 Male DIN connection to 2 Female DIN. Learn More
  9. Bend Sensor with Adapter - SA9550
    Bend Sensor is small enough to be placed on fingers and wrists to monitor joint motion. 180 degrees of flexion. Use sensors back to back to get a 360 degree range. Learn More
  10. AquaSense Leg sEMG Adapter
    AquaSense is an easy-to-fit waterproof "latex leg sock" which can be used for monitoring sEMG while immersed in water. Attachment requires the MyoScan sEMG Sensor Head used in the ProComp encoder. Learn More
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