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  1. Used EEG-Z Impedance Sensor - SA9305Z
    The Procomp Infiniti EEG-Z Impedance Sensor(T9305Z) with DIN (T8740) can be used for both Neurofeedback training and also works as an impedance meter. The EEG-Z works with the Flexcomp, Procomp Infiniti,Procomp2 or Procomp5 biofeedback / neurofeedback systems. Learn More
  2. Used T9305M Infiniti EEG Sensor
    EEG Sensor for use with Thought Technology Procomp Infiniti, Procomp+ or Procomp 2. Learn More
  3. Used Gold Monopolar / Bipolar EEG Cup & Ear Clip Kit - DIN Style
    DIN style gold EEG leads for DIN Cable. Includes DIN style leads for both Monopolar and Bipolar EEG placements. Includes (2) Gold Ear Clips and (2) Gold Cup sensors - Approximately 22.5" in length. Terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) DIN safety plug. Learn More
  4. Used Two Channel EEG Connectivity Kit
    The EEG Connectivity Kit permits the use of a single reference for 2 channels. (requires two T8750) Learn More
  5. Used TT-EEG Gold Cup Cable - Blue
    The Thought Technology SA9323 is a single gold EEG cup electrode on one end with a 1.5mm (.060) DIN connection on the other. This gold EEG cup lead can be used with any standard DIN cable. Approximately 18" in length. Learn More
  6. Used Round On Both Ends Protected Pin Replacement Sensor Cable
    Replacement cables round to round for Thought tech sensors Learn More
  7. Used EEG / EMG DIN Extender Cable
    The used T8740 EEG / EMG DIN extender cable consists of three receptacles - positive, negative and reference and simply inserts into the top of your ProComp EEG / EMG sensor head. Learn More
  8. Used Thought Technology EEG Extender Cable - Monopolar
    Used EEG Extender Cable, Monopolar. Tin. Old style Thought Technology EEG cable T8725 Learn More
  9. Used EEG Linked Ears Cable
    Thought Technology EEG Linked Ears Cable. Part# TTL T8735. Tin Style. Learn More
  10. Thought Technology Bipolar Cup Leads -T8730
    Brand new Bipolar Cup Leads. Part# T8730. Protected Pin.Also available in monopolar. Call if you are looking for monopolar. Learn More
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