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Advanced Media Player for Alive

  • Use any DVD or video from your library as feedback
  • Pixelate, Shrink, Wipe, Black Dots, Box, Double Doors
  • Works with infra-low training frequencies
  • Discrete feedback for reward & inhibit information
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Advanced Media Player is an Alive plugin that lets you train with DVDs and video files using a variety of real-time video effects. Train with heart rate feedback for hours while watching your favorite movies. Advanced Media Player is one of Somatic Visions most popular games for neurofeedback, and is now available for use with Alive – just open Alive and select Advanced Media Player from the games drop down list. All sessions are saved and count towards Alive points and training time.

Download Advanced Media Player
  • Have fun watching your favorite movies while training heart rate smoothness.
  • Train for hours without getting bored.
  • Makes heart rate smoothness training fun and easy.
  • Skin sweat feedback is available when used with Alive Clinical.
  • Train with video clips that trigger specific fears or difficulties.
  • View educational content while training for an improved learning experience.
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