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AT Series Rechargeable Batteries

  • Specially designed C cell Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • Encased in a plastic tube housing
  • Fits all Autogenics AT series monitors
  • For AT-42, AT-33, AT-64
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ASI 830118

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Specially designed custom C cell Nickel Cadmium batteries. encased in a plastic tube housing. Fits all Autogenics AT series monitors. For AT-42, AT-33 and AT-64 . 4 batteries per tube.

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Easy to install, after removing set screws, carefully lift top half of plastic case off of lower half using caution since the speaker wires run between the two halfs.

Simply remove old tube of batteries and replace with the new tube. Rechargeable batteries normally last about 1000 charges.

Although batteries are rechargeable, they do not like to be recharged. A memory is built up in Nickel Cadmium batteries. Only recharge your battery when your instrument recharge light comes on.

Your AT series allows you about 5 minutes to shut down your session before the unit completely turns itself off. AT series instruments should be charged for about 12 hours each time the battery low light comes on.

If your AT unit will not be used for long periods of time, remove the battery tube from the case, store in refrigerator or cool place. Batteries tend to leak if left dorment and if the acid gets into the main mother board/electronics, you have a major repair.