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BioGraph+Infiniti v6+ Suite - Full Infiniti Software Upgrade

  • Update your old BioGraph or Multitrace software
  • Get the latest version of BioGraph Infiniti
  • Add Infiniti to the eVU TPS or Myonyx
  • Breathe new life into your old Thought Technology unit
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Full software package for Biograph Infiniti. Update your Biograph or Multitrace software to the most current Infiniti Software or add Infiniti software to Neurocare Pro, BioIntegrator or EEG spectrum system (may require TT-USB). This is also the full Infiniti software for the eVU TPS device, Myonyx EMG and the Myotrac Infiniti device. Choose your software suite at check out

When designing the new Infiniti platform, the decision was made to make it completely backward compatible to ensure that our customers have a variety of ways of updating their current technology in an affordable manner.

The Physiology or EEG Suite was created for the ProComp+ Protocol, to provide clinicians who own a ProComp+ or a ProComp 2 to be able to use our new BioGraph Infiniti Software. The sampling rates are the same as the BioGraph 2.1, however the power of the Infiniti software surpasses it. See features below. It is also available for the ProComp and FlexComp Infiniti, when higher sampling rates are not required. The Suite includes 43 screens.

Thought Technologys BioGraph Infiniti software platform has been carefully designed to meet your current and future needs for biofeedback and psychophysiology - with maximum flexibility and ease of use. This software platforms modular design offers a selection of specialized Application Suites as well as powerful Application Developer Tools, to satisfy beginner and expert users alike. These options allow you to add additional features, as you need them. Not only will the software adapt itself to your needs, it will also grow with them as new modules become available.

Unlike other biofeedback software packages, the BioGraph Infiniti software does not simply focus on providing entertaining multimedia bells and whistles. One of our top design goals was to make it the most powerful clinical tool possible. For this reason, we have put a lot of effort into making sure that the programs ability to produce valid data, track a clients learning curve within and across recording sessions and generate reliable reports were among its top features.

Whether you are a clinician looking for a versatile biofeedback tool or a researcher who needs a powerful data-acquisition system, the BioGraph Infiniti platform is designed to offer you the most complete and adaptable software solution.

Key Features:

  • Coherence screens
  • Load up to 5 feedback screens per session
  • Multi-linegraphs up to 8 signals at a time
  • AVI animations and fractal screens
  • Physiology with synchronized video
  • Options for immediate and discrete feedback
  • Powerful statistics and virtual channels
  • Enhanced 3D graphics
  • Every time you open your client for a new session, it remembers the settings you set for that individual in the previous session
  • Powerful trend reports
  • Integrated impedance checking
  • Midi-splitter sound feedback
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Biofeedback and Data Acquisition

State-of-the-art multimedia biofeedback
With the audiovisual capabilities to deliver physiological feedback in many creative ways, the Infiniti Software ensures that you have a multitude of options to choose from when trying to reach a diverse client population.

Timesaving features allow flexible training routines
The BioGraph Infiniti Software allows you to load up to 5 feedback screens and switch between them, on the fly, during a session. This, and other timesaving features, lets you rapidly adapt the training task to your clients capabilities and provide an increasingly challenging feedback environment, without having to stop, load a new screen and restart your session.

Scripted sessions facilitate standardized assessments and follow-ups
Time- and Event-based scripts let you run automatic sessions that guide the client through a pre-defined sequence of activities and generate activity-specific statistics. These powerful scripts help you standardize all your assessment and follow-up sessions for optimal clinical effectiveness.

Synchronize psychophysiology with video
Extending your toolbox for client assessment and training, the BioGraph Infiniti software allows you to record your clients actions with one or two Web cams, and synchronize the video with the physiological signals.

Session Reviewing and Reporting

Powerful data-processing features
With its robust signal acquisition capabilities, accurate artifact rejection functions and flexible statistical analysis engine, the BioGraph Infiniti software allows you to easily normalize recorded data and generate reliable data.

Specialized session reports
Scripted sessions generate sophisticated statistical reports that break down the sessions data into meaningful segments and give you appropriate statistics for each segment. This ensures that you get only the most clinically significant information without having to sort through irrelevant numbers. Both raw and statistical data is saved.

Trend reporting on client progress
BioGraph Infiniti’s powerful trend report capabilities allows you to follow a client’s progress from visit to visit, which gives you guidance regarding the next step to take. Trend reporting lets you easily demonstrate a client’s learning curve, both during a given session and across sessions, to enhance case management and to facilitate reimbursement.

Screen Editor Lite
The Screen Editor Lite is included with your software and allows you to change sound feedback and the animations from preexisting screens in Legacy and Multi-Modality.

Upgrade Information

If you have upgraded from the Procomp+(black box) to the Infiniti encoder (blue box)and have not yet received this new software suite, the cost of the software is $750.

If you have not upgraded your Procomp encoder to the Infinti encoder, then you will need to get the Infinti Hardware upgradein order to use this software. We do not want you to be without equipment, so we will ship out the new hardware before you send back your encoder or Pro SB.

There are a couple of steps in order to receive the new software.

  • First, please send and email including your encoder serial number and you current shipping address. We can not ship to PO boxes
  • Second, you will have to send back your Pro SB interface (this is the component that your fiber optic cable plugs into that connects to the serial port on you computer.) for an exchange to the new TT USB interface
  • The Biograph software will not work with the new USB interface so if you have built/added a number of screens, or if you are very comfortable with the Biograph and would like the option of using both software packages, you can purchase the TT USB adaptor for $350 and keep your Pro SB
  • If you have the Cardio Pro you MUST specify that in your email. The Cardio Pro will not work with the TT USB interface, it will only work with Pro SB

Please call us toll-free, Monday - Friday 10AM-6PM EST, at 800-521-4640 with any questions. (International 586-756-5070)