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BrainMaster Multimedia Player with DVD player

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Emailed Pass-Key. The BrainMaster Multimedia Player software is an optional add -on tool box that also provides advanced animations and sounds for neurofeedback training. It is integrated into the BrainMaster 2.5SE software, and is the standard option for multimedia and animations.

Passkey license offers direct DVD training capability! Must own 2.5SE software license or higher to enable the Multi-Media Player. It can play animation files (avi, mpg, mpeg, or wmv format), and will automatically adjust the animation to suit whatever protocol is being used. The system automatically detects your protocol settings, and makes the selected animation run faster or slower, depending on the training results. Up to 10 frames per second can be shown, with moment-by -moment control of t into the animation will also be played, and will also stop and start along with the animation, for a full audio and visual effect. Dozens of animations are included with the basic MMP software license, and you can add your own at any time. There aree, and you can add your own at any time. There are many sources of animations, both licensed and as freeware, to choose from. Any files can be simply copied into the MMP directory on your PC, and will be immediately usable by the MMP software. In addition, the MMP player can play sound files and CDs, using a unique amplitude modulated method. Sound files (wav, mp3, mp4, or midi) can be selected and played, regardless of the animation files being used. The system can also be used for sound-only feedback, using saved sound files.

The MMP player can also play CDs directly. Just insert a CD; select the track(s), and the MMP player will provide EEG-controlled sound feedback. The MMP player provides separate controls for the built-in sounds in your animation files, and for the separate files or CDs that you use. This operates in addition to the standard sounds produced by the BrainMaster software. Thus, you can thus have very complex and engaging sounds, creating layers of feedback for your trainees. If you want to view animations that are on DVDs, you can do so immediately with the built in DVDplayer. Compatibility: Windows XP or 2000 required. BrainMaster MMP requires you to have Microsoft Direct X 9.0c installed on your PC (A DX9.0c installation file is in-cluded with the MMP software). MMP is compatible with Gforce and similar sound-driven graphics extension programs, as explained in the MMP manual. Alpha/Theta training software and sound program also included! (533-401)

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