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Cancer Comfort

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Imagine... Improving your overall feelings of comfort and well being during and after chemotherapy. The Purpose of this guided imagery CD is to provide you with comfort and relaxation during your cancer and chemotherapy treatment.

Cancer guided imagery CD combines guided imagery, meditation, and medical hypnosis with relaxing binaural beat music therapy to help cancer patients cope with chemotherapy side effects, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and more.

Let Ellen Chernoff Simon, a psychotherapist with a specialty in pain management, guided imagery, and biofeedback, take you on an imaginary inner journey that is intended to lead you to a place of peace, deep within your mind. Her program is designed to guide you toward achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation, and help facilitate your experience of peace and comfort during the challenges of chemotherapy.

The mental images we hold affect not only our emotions, but also our physiology. This guided imagery CD for chemotherapy is designed to increase your sense of well-being, and help you cope with chemotherapy side effects: nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and more. It promotes inner peace and helps to mobilize a healthy immune response through the use of meditation techniques.

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