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Discovery QEEG - Training Software

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Discovery Training software provides DC and Slow Cortical Potential Training for up to 24 channels of EEG. Supports one SKIN/EMG peripheral input for SCR, EMG, or respiratory effort biofeedback. Also provides 4 virtual channels that operate in parallel with the existing 24 channels of EEG.

Uses all existing Atlantis control panels, and provides the full range of feedback capabilities. All training should be done with any number of sensors with or without a cap in place, and the user can use or create any BrainMaster protocols for feedback training using 1, 2, or 4 channels.

Monopolar or Bipolar training is possible, using up to 8 sites. All BrainMaster feedback modalities are functional, including sounds, graphics, built-in games, puzzles, MIDI, Flash Games, etc. Continuity from existing 2E, 2EB, and Atlantis training.

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