Disposable Webbs Silver/Silver-Chloride Electrodes (10 Pack)

  • Designed with patient comfort in mind
  • Molded safety connector with built-in strain relief
  • Built for EEG, EP, IONM, ICU, LTM, PSG & Ambulatory
  • Superior adhesion & surface area coverage
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Disposable Webbed EEG Electrodes are designed to increase patient comfort while providing quality recordings that can last through both night and day studies and for multiple days. As a disposable electrode, remove the risk of cross contamination by using it once and throw it away. Multi-color EEG leads.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • A molded safety connector with ample built-in strain relief
  • Pre-attached leadwire
  • Can be used with any gel, paste, collodion or other similar adhesive

Intended Use

EEG, EP (Evoked Potentials), IONM (Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring), ICU (Intesive Care Unit), LTM (Long Term Monitoring), PSG (Polysomnography) and Ambulatory.

Directions for Use

Clean application site. Apply Webbed Electrode using conductive gel, paste, collodion or other similar adhesive. When finished, remove Electrode and clean application site. Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions This product is single-patient use only. Discard Electrode after use.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions

This product is single-patient use only. Discard Electrode after use.

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How do I apply the Disposable Webbed? EEG Electrode to the patient?

To apply a Disposable Webbed EEG Electrode, use the same method as any other cup electrode, but apply less paste/gel ? only enough to completely fill the webbed area. The lead is designed for efficient use of paste.

Can I use collodion?

Yes, collodion can be used on top of the Webbed EEG Electrode. It is recommended to apply the conductive material to the electrode first and then apply the collodion on top of the lead. If needed, a small amount of additional paste/gel can be added through any entry point in the collodion.

Can I use the Disposable Webbed Electrode on a patient alongside a standard disposable cup electrode?

Absolutely, a Webbed Electrode can be used with a standard cup electrode of the same material and will not cause any dissimilar metal artifact [i.e. a silver/silver-chloride Disposable Webbed EEG Electrode can be used with a silver/silver-chloride cup electrode].

Manuals and Data Sheets

Disposable Webbed EEG Electrodes Instructions for Use


  • Lead colors: Brown, White, Red, Black, Green, Grey, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange.
  • Leadwire - Tinned Copper with PVC jacket
  • Connector - DIN 42 802
  • Plating - Ag/AgCI
  • Cup size 10mm