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EEG Expert QIK Test

  • Neurofeedback performance tracking & report generator
  • For progress tracking & Continuous Performance Tests
  • High-precision 2-channel reaction measurements
  • Programmable sound & LED light stimuli
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Neurofeedback Performance Tracking and Report Generator Stand alone battery powered test device allowing unmatched accuracy On-line analysis and reports from EEG Expert Pre-post CPT and session-by-session performance tracking.

  • Battery-powered ultra-flexible stand alone device for performing client progress tracking and Continuous Performance Tests with unprecedented accuracy
  • Input: two high-endurance precision buttons, ergonomically positioned for simultaneous right and left hand input
  • Visual stimulus: high-brightness 3x3 LED array
  • Auditory stimulus: three-channel sound generator driving internal speaker as well as stereo headphones
  • Time measurement resolution 0.1msec
  • Memory holds up to 1791 stimulus responses
  • Professional Neurofeedback-specific test analysis done at EEG Expert (Symptom tracking and CPT tests with EEG Expert reports purchased individually.)
  • Rechargeable batteries, one charge good for more than 50 tests
  • Synchronization signal output for advanced applications and synchronization with brainwave monitoring devices
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