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FlexTrode Package

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BTI 621012

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Designed for the BrainMaster 2E EEG system, this package contains 3 FlexTrode assemblies, headband and cross-strip, plus FlexTrode saline solution, squeeze bottle and 3 cups.

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Eliminates the need for 10-20 paste on the head. Keeps hair clean - no more goo.

FlexTrodes consist of a hollow, screw-like plastic retainer containing a felt wrapper that encloses a standard gold cup electrode. It is used with a retaining ring that can be inserted in a headband, hat, or other holder. This provides a simple, clean, self-abrading and self-cleaning, paste-free and gel-free contact. Used for EEG, EMG, EKG and related body potential recording. Ideal in cases where it is difficult to get a good connection, especially through hair. Electrode lead color our choice. Easy to apply and remove, leaves hair clean without a trace of goo! A must in keeping teenagers and adults happy to come back! For investigational and research purposes only.

Each sensor lead wire measures 46 in (116 cm) in length and connects to the T8740 DIN cable which in turn connects to the T9305M Sensor Head and also plugs directly into the Brainmaster. Ten20 conductive paste is recommended for sensor attachment.