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Functional Neuroanatomy for BCIA Neurofeedback Recertification

  • Self-paced
  • $5 per credit hour
  • BCIA-Accredited Online Didactic Course
  • For Neurofeedback Professionals
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Self-paced BCIA-accredited Functional Neuroanatomy online didactic course for Neurofeedback professionals. You may use this course to satisfy 15 of 48 hours of continuing education for Neurofeedback recertification. At $5 per credit hour, this is one of the most affordable ways to complete nearly one-third of the hours required for BCIA Neurofeedback recertification.

Disclaimer: This course does not fulfill BCIA’s Neuroanatomy requirement. To keep this product affordable, we do not provide AMA or APA continuing education credit.

Based on Michael and Lynda Thompson’s superb Functional Neuroanatomy book, this course covers:

  1. Functional Networks and Behavior (15-31)
  2. Brodmann Area Locations and Functions (32-37)
  3. Frontal Lobe Functions (38-59)
  4. Central Regions and Cerebellum (60-65)
  5. Temporal Lobes (66-85)
  6. Insula and Cingulate Gyrus (86-99)
  7. Parietal and Occipital Lobes (100-117)

Schedule and Format
After you enroll in this online course, you must complete it within 1 year of purchase. You can decide when you start and complete this course.

You will purchase Michael and Lynda Thompson’s Functional Neuroanatomy or The Neurofeedback Book (2nd ed.) and pass seven chapter exams with scores of 7/10 or higher. Each exam will consist of 10 multiple-choice taken online. You will have unlimited time to complete each exam. You may retake each exam until they achieve a passing score. After submitting answers, you will see an overall score and the questions you missed.

We encourage you to check out the optional articles and videos in the Web Links section, and regularly email the instructor with questions about course content. Since this course is an independent study, there are no class discussions, essays, or papers.

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