iSyncWave 20 Channel Dry Electrode qEEG Headset with Android Tablet

  • Soft-fitting and expandable
  • Wireless and portable
  • Quick and user-friendly.
  • Includes Unlimited Basic qEEG reports for 1 year
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iSyncWave is the first-ever integrated EEG and neurotherapeutics device providing telemental care through an AI digital brain health platform.

  • Seamlessly integrates with iSyncBrain, iMediSync’s AI integrated qEEG software package.
  • Soft-fitting and expandable for all head sizes aged 6+
  • Data is sent wirelessly to a tablet [not included] via Bluetooth and then to the cloud for easy access anywhere at any time.
  • Quick and user-friendly. No paste and no head measurements, so any person can get a quality recording.
  • Built using Rack-Pinion Structures to ensure 10-20 international system placement every time

iSyncBrain Capabilities:

  • App connected web interface for max usability
  • Super time saving AI denoising for clinicians and for researchers
  • Visualized brain mapping report First-ever sex classified norm comparison
  • 3D interactive viewer
  • 3D rendering of voxel power and ROI connectivity with each frequency band, respectively
  • Major disease brain biomarker report

iSyncBrain 1 (One year included)

This is a general qEEG report. The EEG data that is utilized in this report is automatically denoised using both general methods such as frequency filtering and epoch rejection, but also uses AI-informed component removal. Many sections on this report provide links to research articles which describe the importance of various features in a qEEG map.

Pre-Processing and Auto-Denoising

Includes filtering, noisy epoch rejection (either in auto or in manual), and automatic removal of noisy or drowsy epochs and independent components using AI.

Adaptive Mixture Independent Component Analysis (AMICA)

Advanced ICA using cloud services for quick and accurate components.

Surface Level Analysis

Absolute and Relative Topomaps. Can be displayed in 8 band ranges or in 1Hz bins (1 to 45Hz). Absolute and Relative Power Spectrum Density Chart and Alpha Peak Frequencies at O1 and O2. Ratio Topomaps: Theta-Beta Ratio, Theta-Alpha Ratio, Delta Alpha Ratios are included.

Sample Basic Report

Using the iSyncWave Headset

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  • IsyncWave Headset
  • iSync Brain 1 - Unlimited individual basic qEEG Reports and Basic Summary Reports
  • Android Tablet

Manuals and Data Sheets

iSyncWave User Manual

iSyncWave Warranty Information

Basic Individual qEEG Report -SAMPLE



  • Weight 1600 g
  • Dimensions 245(L) x 243(W) x 153(H) mm
  • Head Circumference 50 cm – 62 cm


  • EEG 19 EEG Channels + 1 Fpz Ground Channel
  • Auxiliary Right: 1 PPG Channel / Left: A1 Reference Channel
  • EEG Electrode Dry-Type Ag/AgCl-Coated Conductive Polymer


  • Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Charging USB-C Type with 5V/2A Adapter
  • Charging Time 132 Min
  • Runtime 7 Hours


  • Bandwidth 0.5 – 50 Hz
  • Sampling Rate 250 Hz
  • Special Design Analog Front End (AFE)
  • A/D Converter 24 Bit


  • Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2Mbps)


  • Irradiance Source 19 LED Bulbs (Built-in the center of each EEG electrode)
  • Wavelength Near-Infrared 850 nm
  • Pulse Rate 1 – 45 Hz (Adjustable in 1Hz Increments)