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Mindfield eSense Pulse Sensor with Smartphone App | Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Pulse Rate Training with Wearable Chest Strap | Device Bundle Includes Battery & Biofeedback App

  • Monitor your heart rhythms (HRV), breathing and pulse-rate using your smartphone
  • Train and improve your Heart Rate Variability
  • User friendly, lightweight and compact
  • Chest strap for true 1 channel ECG
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Listen to your heart; it’s telling you a lot about your health and well-being. The heartbeat is related to tension and relaxation, and is a potential stress indicator. Everyone reacts to stress differently, and our body sends out varied sets of ‘red flags’ to inform us about our own condition and threshold.

Stress can root from a myriad of factors such as physical, emotional, mental, and even social triggers. If you’re part of the 77% who are constantly bombarded by stressful situations, you might be missing your own body’s signals telling you to slow down and take it easy.

The eSense Pulse Sensor allows you to measure and effectively reduce your stress levels using innovative Biofeedback training. This device provides precise information about your current level of stress through data presentation, including measurement curves, videos and audio presentations.

We have assembled several modules you can follow to build the perfect relaxation guides, stress tests, and a predefined Biofeedback training. Use this information to evaluate your personal stress levels, and take the steps to improve them.

Your heartbeat is directly related to your stress levels. In conjunction, your heart rate variability (HRV) refers to the ability to change the frequency of the heart’s rhythm. Even when you’re at rest, there are still spontaneous changes in the time between heartbeats.

The measurement of HRV is widely used in the fields of cardiology, sports and coaching to describe the current state and progress of training using statistical analyses.

Mindfield Biofeedback eSense Pulse Sensor gives you real-time data using feedback techniques, thus helping you train your HRV. You have full control of your data and can export it in various ways (CSV; PDF).

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The Mindfield Biofeedback eSense Pulse Sensor is accompanied by a revolutionary application which includes: bar and curve feedback for HRV or breathing aid, video and music feedback where you can apply our music or your own personal collection, and tone feedback that uses change of pitch by the measured values.

You can also utilize tactile feedback through vibration (only for smartphones) as well as light feedback from smart bulbs (sold separately, like Philips Hue), which indicates your level of stress or relaxation.

Additionally, all the measured data can be collected in a CSV or PDF file and sent via e-mail, Dropbox or Google Drive. Regardless of your lifestyle, you can closely monitor your HRV and stress levels using different feedback techniques of your preference.

The eSense Pulse Sensor device also allows unlimited recording duration as well as unlimited number of sessions and users for both home and professional use.

1. Download the eSense application.

2. Put on the chest strap as shown in the manual. Adjust it to the correct length. It should be tight, directly under the chest muscles, but not uncomfortably squeezed.

3. Once the belt is adjusted, remove it again to apply a small amount of the enclosed contact spray to each electrode (but avoid “bridging” as shown in the manual).

4. Launch the app. Click "Start" to begin the measurements.

5. Please carefully read the instructions within the app or the manual to get the best out of your biofeedback training.

6. Have fun with the eSense Pulse Sensor!

  • Mindfield Biofeedback eSense Pulse Sensor
  • Electrode contact spray
  • User manual on biofeedback training
  • Battery

Computer Requirements


The eSense application can be loaded for free in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Amazon App Store.

This App supports iOS devices from iPhone 4S to iPhone X and XR, 3rd generation iPads to iPad Pro, and 5th generation iPod touch.

You can also use it in all Android smartphones or tablets from version 4.4 (requires Bluetooth).