NeuroGuide Acquisition with swLORETA - [NGA] + [swNF]

  • Stand Alone EEG Acquisition
  • No qEEG or Editing Capability
  • Does Not Require the Purchase of NeuroGuide
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NGA with swNF

NeuroGuide Acquisition (NGA + swNF) is a Stand alone EEG acquisition – useful for Satellite Clinics. Includes collection of EEG and real-time swLORETA EEG Biofeedback of Z scores of Power, Coherence, Phase Difference, Phase Lock, Phase Shift with Integrated Symptom Checklists that includes 88 Brodmann Areas, plus the Thalamus, Vermis, Red Nucleus and the Cerebellum Regions of Interests. No qEEG or editing capability. Does not require the purchase of NeuroGuide. Only one license per purchase is permitted, i.e., a 2nd license requires a 2nd purchase.
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