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NeuroNavigator for NeuroGuide provides accurate, advanced tools to efficiently explore the electrical activity of the brain, and link symptoms to dysregulation in brain networks.

NeuroNavigator includes Current Source Density (CSD) Raw Scores only. Normative Databases must be purchased separately.

NeuroNavigator is a powerful 3D electrical neuroimaging tool that uses a real-MRI with 12,270 voxels and the Boundary Element Method (BEM) to compute the inverse solution. The BEM avoids the errors inherent in the use of a spherical head model, allowing for accurate source localization at depths.

NeuroNavigator is the modern replacement that retains many of the old Key Institute viewer properties, while at the same time upgrading the viewer with higher resolution and the ability to image deep sources, and not just surface sources like the Key Institute LORETA and sLORETA do.

NeuroNavigator uses swLORETA (weighted sLORETA) that adjusts for source space inhomogeneity, and provides accurate estimates of source gradients from the upper cortical layers I – III to the lower cortical layers IV-VI.

The new swLORETA has 12,470 voxels, while the Key Institute LORETA viewer has only 2,394 voxels and a low resolution average MRI.

The sw prefix stands for standardized weighted LORETA that has the same zero localization error in low noise environments, but adds a weighting to achieve depth source resolution (E. Palmero-Soler et al, Phys. Med. Bio;. 52;1783-1800, 2007).

Requires: NeuroGuide

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