Nicolet Silver EEG Cup Electrode Yellow - 48 Inch

  • Precision Stamped Silver (Ag)
  • 48 Inch, Yellow Lead Wire
  • Terminated with a 1.5mm DIN safety plug
  • Replacement for IMA EEG electrodes
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8mm Silver EEG Cup Electrode. Terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) safety plug. Silver composition. The Nicolet Silver EEG Cup Electrode in Yellow with a length of 48 inches is a high-quality electrode that is specifically designed for use in electroencephalography (EEG) procedures.

This electrode features a cup design, which allows for easy and secure placement on the scalp, ensuring accurate and consistent readings.

Made from high-quality silver materials, the Nicolet EEG electrode offers superior conductivity, providing clear and reliable signals during EEG testing. The bright yellow color of the electrode makes it easy to locate during the procedure, even in low light conditions, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the EEG testing process.

With a length of 48 inches, this electrode is suitable for use in a wide range of EEG procedures, providing ample length for comfortable placement on the scalp. The Nicolet Silver EEG Cup Electrode in Yellow - 48 Inch is an excellent choice for healthcare professionals who require a high-quality EEG electrode that offers reliable performance and easy usability.

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