nIR HEG Headband and Cable for Neurobit Systems

  • Measures brain blood oxygenation
  • Accommodate almost all head sizes
  • For use with Neurobit Systems devices
  • Toomim style HEG headband for nIRS
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Toomim style HEG(Hemoencephalography)Headband for nIRS (Near infrared spectroscopy). The nIR ("near infra red") HEG (hemo-encephalography) headband measures brain blood oxygenation(blood color) using oximeter principles under the patent from Biocomp Research Laboratories. It can be used differentially (across the forehead from F7 to F8 (in the 10-20 system) according to particular training objectives. Designed for the Neurobit Optima 2 and 4 channel EEG/HEG units.

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