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  1. 360 Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    Five key body systems are covered with the 360’s assessment and self-regulation tools. All you need to do is what you’re already good at: discuss your client’s symptoms and goals. Based on their situation, select the appropriate system and we take care of the rest with tailored evaluation and training. Learn More
  2. Synergy Solution Suite
    The Synergy Solution Suite software uses eVu TPS finger sensors (not included) to access each user’s heart rate variability, arousal, and temperature. Learn More
  3. Peak Performance Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    The Peak Performance Suite is a complete array of psychophysiological tools designed to help athletes, soldiers, business leaders and artists improve their performance. Learn More
  4. HRV Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    Teaching your clients to practice slow regular breathing exercises as often as possible, 10 to 20 minutes a day, will help them learn important self-regulation skills and maintain higher levels of heart rate variability. Learn More
  5. BIOMAX BioBlast Game for Biograph
    The most awesome biofeedback game to date. Learn More
  6. Bioplay 5 Pack Simple
    Five Bioplay Games for the price of four. Games are probably the most motivating feedback resource for children and young adults. Learn More
  7. BioPlay Flash Games for Infiniti
    The BioPlay biofeedback games can be used in conjuction with Biograph Infiniti software. They feature high quality graphics that are engaging for children and young adults. They have high score functions that can be used to run motivating championship between clients. Learn More

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  8. Heart Rate Variabilty Training
    Designed by Dr. Donald Moss and Dr. Fred Shaffer, this suite will help licensed health professionals learn how to measure HRV from an EKG signal or from peripheral blood flow (HR/BVP) and respiration. This Download is a set of Heart Rate Variability training screens designed for the Thought Technology ProComp Infiniti Biofeedback Device. Learn More
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