Thought Technology Neurofeedback Starter System Bundle

  • Increase client engagement with neurofeedback
  • Improve focus using classical conditioning
  • Teach clients self-regulation through training
  • Measure client progress over time
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Introduce brain training into your practice with this compact and easy to use 2 channel device that harnesses powerful multimedia software with a choice of introductory packages.

The starter EEG neurofeedback system is ideal for clinicians who want to begin exploring brain-based biofeedback without overwhelming their budget. The ProComp 2 is a medical grade system that provides you with out-of-the-box flexibility and offers the possibility of expanding your neurofeedback practice when you decide that you are ready to go beyond the basics.

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What’s Included?


ProComp 2 Encoder - 2 Channel T7400M - The ProComp2 is a medical grade, 2 channel physiological monitoring device. The device connects to your Windows desktop or laptop PC via optic fiber to offer the safest and most reliable data connection on the market. With your choice of sensors plugged into the ProComp2 unit, clinicians have access to a simple clinical system for monitoring and evaluating objective psychophysiological data, and empowering a client through self-regulation. 

Benefits for you and your client:

  • Add additional training rooms to your clinic quickly and economically
  • Promote training in the home environment to improve outcomes
  • Enhance long term compliance


BioGraph Infiniti Software - BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all our Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.


360 Suite - The suite combines classic physiological biofeedback (arousal and peripheral temperature) with heart rate variability training (HRV) and neurofeedback protocols (EEG biofeedback) into one integrated package. The suite’s broad selection of tools includes:

  • Specialized physiological assessments
  • Self-regulation training screens
  • Biofeedback assisted relaxation therapy sessions


EEG Package - EEG-Z Sensor T9305Z - EEG-Z is a pre-amplified electroencephalography sensor with built in impedance checking. Get the ultimate hook up every time with this sensor as it monitors skin impedance (both the reactive and resistive elements) and sensor connection.

The EEG Package is everything you need to evaluate and train brainwaves with 1 or 2 channels of EEG.

Passive Infared Package - TT-pIR HEadgear T2600 - The TT-pIR HEadGear features two highly accurate passive infrared (pIR) sensors in a wide-range, dual configuration providing stable and reliable measurements. The lightweight, ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and an open concept that greatly reduces ambient temperature dependence and stabilization time.


TT-EEG Monopolar Bipolar Kit T8750 - Connects to client via replaceable electrodes. Enabling monopolar or bipolar connections is the most versatile option. Electrodes purchased separately.

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