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Z-Score Mini-Suite for Biograph Infiniti 6.0

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The Z-Score 6 suite will allow the user to perform z-score assessment and training within two ways: using the z-score value itself, or using a metric, called the z-score index, which is indicative of the state of a group of z-scores.

Z-Score Add-on CD (SA7908) is required to get Z-Score values from Dr. Thatcher's normative database. For use with the ProComp2, ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti, and FlexComp systems.

The z-score index tells us at a given moment how many of a pre-selected group of z-scores are within a certain threshold range. This threshold range is user-definable and can be modified on-the-fly. The user also has the choice of which z-scores to include, and can do so easily at any time during the session. The suite includes 4 pre-set z-score indices.

These are:

  • z-score index (includes all z-scores)
  • z-score powers index (includes only the power z-scores, for all channels)
  • z-score power ratios index (includes only the power ratio z-scores, for all channels)
  • z-score connectivity index (includes only the coherence, phase and amplitudeasymmetry z-scores, for all channel pairs).
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The Z-Score 6 Suite includes brief assessment protocols for recording baselines under both eyes open and eyes closed conditions, screens for single z-score training, z-score index training, z-scores with standard EEG band amplitudes in parallel, as well as reports showing session trends and means for all these metrics. Session configurations have also been designed using the very powerful, very practical new feature in BioGraph Infiniti version 6.0: Quick Start Favorites.

  • Quick Automatic real-time artifact rejection - an exciting new feature! It allows you to calibrate real time artifact rejection for each individual user, store the user-specific data so it only has to be done once, control artifact source by choosing any combination of electrodes, and easily turn the feature on or off. The settings apply to all EEG data, either feedback (in real time) or statistics (offline review).
  • New all z-score screen instrument with real time color change.
  • Useful % of time in condition metric improves training outcomes.
  • Quick Start Favorites are pre-defined for you to use. Start a session, review and report with a single click.
  • Quick, easy interface for z-score settings and thresholds. Right click and use graphical interface to select all z-score parameters.
  • Assessment scripts for eyes open and eyes closed baseline recording.
  • Feedback using individual z-scores, any combination of z-scores or z-scores in parallel with standard EEG frequency bands.
  • Benefit from real-time trend graphs to obtain instantaneous measure of progress for all protocols.
  • Standard feedback tools including DVD playback, AVI animations and single and dual screen configuration.
  • Simple reports include means and trends for z-score, z-score metrics and EEG amplitudes for all sessions.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Z-score 6 Suite Software Manual