1089ES Checktrode Impedance Meter

  • Rapidly check multiple EEG electrode configurations
  • Ideal for electrode configurations found in EEG caps
  • 25 pin connector for 19 channel Electro-Cap connection
  • Labeled with numbers for each switch position
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UFI 1089ES
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The UFI 1089ES all you to rapidly check applied electrode contact impedance of multiple electrode configurations. Ideal for electrode configurations found in Cranial EEG caps. Has 25 pin connector for Electro-Cap 19 channel cap connection.

The 1089ES is a general purpose device which has numbers for each switch position instead of electrode site labels (FP1, FP2, ...).

The 1089ES tests electrodes by isolating a single electrode and shorting the remaining electrodes together. This means that the isolated electrode is tested against all of the other electrodes.

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The "ES" includes a switch and associated circuitry to select and rapidly check electrode contact impedance of up to 22 separate electrode leads.

The Checktrode 1089 ES can be custom fitted for use with your system. Please specify your system and cable types when ordering.

Manuals and Data Sheets

1089ES Checktrode Impedance Meter Manual


1 Year manufacturer warranty.


  • Impedance display: 3 1/2 digit LCD display
  • Contact impedance range: 0-199 KOhm (custom ranges available
  • Excitation frequency: 30 Hz.
  • Typical excitation current: 10 uA p-p (constant current)
  • Calibration setting: 50 KOhms
  • Input connectors: 2 ea. .080" and .060" safety jacks and 1 male snap
  • Battery test load: 1 KOhm
  • Power switch: push-button on with auto-shutdown
  • Rugged plastic case: 6" x 3.5" x 1.5"
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