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Quick Stress Test Biofeedback Cards with Logo (20 Pack)

  • Measure your temperature as it relates to stress
  • Makes relaxation fun and inexpensive
  • Indicates a temperature range of 81-91°F
  • Credit card size. Durable plastic
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Temperature indicator, credit card size in plastic. Liquid crystal square turns color as it is warmed by the finger. A color grid on the card compares the crystals color to Stressed, Tense, Normal or Calm. 20 cards per package.

Anyone having anxiety can benefit from the Quick Stress Test Biofeedback Card. Makes relaxation training fun and inexpensive. Credit card size with black square that changes color on touch. Relaxation techniques on back help turn card blue (most relaxed). Builds in automatic relaxation response when stressed. Lessens anxiety-caused headaches, HBP, insomnia, smoking, overeating.

Instructions for how to use the Quick Stress Test Card are on the back of the card for easy reference.

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  • 75-80 ºF STRESSED
  • 80-85 ºF TENSE
  • 85-90 ºF CALM
  • 90-95 ºF RELAXED

When you are stressed, your body restricts blood flow to your extremities, causing your hands and fingers to become cold. This card provides a simple measurement that you can use to practice hand warming to reduce stress.

  • Relax and focus on breathing. Take ten deep breaths. Inhaling for a count of five, exhaling for a count of five on each breath.
  • Take a break. Go to a quite place or listen to music that relaxes you.
  • Lightly massage your forehead and temples. Make slow circles with your fingers applying pressure that feels comfortable for each area.
  • Imagine yourself in a warm pleasant place, like a sunny beach


  • Durable heavy duty plastic
  • Approx. 3 1/2 inches long x 2 3/16 inches wide
  • Approx. 1 inch long x 3/4 inches high heat sensitive liquid crystal
  • Liquid Crystal has a useful shelf life of about 3 years before it starts to fade.
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