A Practical Guide for Alpha-Theta Training

  • Prebuilt Alpha-Theta neurofeedback training screens
  • Standardized 33-minute Alpha-Theta training session
  • Suite designed by Dr. Knut Berndorfer
  • For Procomp2, Infiniti, FlexComp
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This suite designed by Dr. Knut Berndorfer provides a standardized 33-minute Alpha-Theta session (script) and a number of other display screens for Alpha-Theta neurofeedback training. Prebuilt Alpha-Theta training screens for the Infiniti that can be easily installed and used.

There are also display screens to review sessions and create session reports created by Dr. Berndorfer for his own practice in Austria.

Alpha-Theta training has been used in research and in applications ranging from Alcohol and Substance Abuse to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Practitioners that use the ProComp Infiniti or Legacy hardware and BioGraph Infiniti Software version 4.0.1 or higher can use this software.

Works with:

  • Procomp 2
  • Procomp Infiniti 8 Channel
  • Flexcomp in Procomp Infiniti mode (dip switch settings changed)

Channel set

  • 1A. MyoScan-Pro 400
  • 1C. EEG-Z
  • 1E. SC-Pro/Flex
  • 1F. Temp-Pro/Flex
  • 1G. HR/BVP-Pro/Flex
  • 1H. Resp-Pro/Flex
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By Dr. Knut Berndorfer - First Edition.

PLEASE NOTE: This software is NOT complete and are ONLY for sale to a limited number of purchasers to get feedback to make improvements. These first purchasers pay $150 for the software and are put on a list to receive the finished commercial software at NO CHARGE. The commercial software will retail for $295.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Alpha-Theta Tech Sheet