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  1. Body Harness for Electro-Caps
    The E3 Body Harness is an adjustable elastic band that fastens around the patient's chest with Velcro. Cap straps attach the cap to the body harness Learn More
    As low as $39.00
  2. Special Head Measuring Tape for Electro-Caps
    Special color-coded Head Measuring Tape used to determine proper Electro-cap size quickly and effectively. Color-coding coincides with cap colors. Learn More
  3. BrainMaster MiniQ Switch Box
    For use with the BrainMaster 2E. Take multiple electrode readings without errors, changing electrodes, or moving pins. Easy to use for small EEG assessments. offering an alternative to manual assessments. Learn More
  4. Covidien Webcol Alcohol Prep Pads - formerly Curity
    Covidien Webcol Alcohol Prep Pads 200/bx. Manufacturer Part# 6818. Each lightweight, medium 2-ply poly-lined pouch is saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. Formerly Kendall Curity Alcohol Wipes. Learn More
  5. BrainMaster Basic Battery Rescue Kit
    Provides a ready means to operate a BrainMaster 2E Module (SN 1600 and above) from an external 9V battery. Learn More
  6. Chin Strap for Electro-Caps
    Used as an alternative to the E3 Body Harness for situations such as ICU and ER. Effective with combative patients and those who feel restrained by the Body Harness. Learn More
    As low as $18.00 As low as $14.25
  7. EEG Lead Clips - 2 Pack
    Easy to use EEG lead clips that help secure your EEG leads to your patient's garment and keep the weight of the cables off the electrode leads. Learn More
  8. Cap Strap for Electro-Caps
    Cap Strap for Electro-Caps (Requires body harness). Learn More
    As low as $21.95
  9. BrainNet JackBox Overlay
    BrainNet Overlay Template. Color coded to match BraiNet 10/20 caps. Makes 10/20 plug in fast and easy. Use with BraiNet electrodes and caps to speed up your set up. Learn More
  10. TP-60 - DIN Adaptor Cable
    The J&J TP60 DIN Adapter cable for the J&J Engineering I-330 C2 Plus 6 or 12 Channel Systems. Can be used with EMG, EEG or EKG 1.5mm DIN leads (standard EEG leads). Learn More
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