Monstra-Lubar ADHD Assessment Suite

  • Fast, simple ADHD assessment for ages 5 and up
  • 4 age-appropriate assessment scripts
  • Excel reports allow for easy interpretation of data
  • For Procomp2, 5, Infiniti, FlexComp
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The ADHD Assessment software suite was designed by a team of clinicians, as led by Dr. Vince Monastra and Dr. Joel Lubar, with the goal to create a fast and simple assessment method for ADHD in adults and children as young as 5 years old. The design and methodology of this software suite is based heavily on the hallmark published study by Monastra, Lubar et al. 1999.

The software consists of age-appropriate assessment scripts, during which the client performs a reading, listening, drawing and/or working-memory task. Statistics are monitored throughout the assessment from a single EEG-Z sensor and the results are arranged in an excel report. The excel report includes notes and norm values for easy comparison and interpretation. A second EEG sensor is also used during the recording, however it is co-opted as an electrooculogram (EOG) sensor. (This second sensor is useful but not necessary for assessment-recording process)

Included with the suite is a software manual that guides users through the entire process of setting up the equipment, sensor & electrode application, impedance check, assessment recording, reviewing and generating the excel report. Reference material for the reading, listening and drawing task are also included. Furthermore, sample data is included to allow purchasers to see a real-time recording of the assessment for multiple age groups.

Works with:

  • Procomp 2
  • Procomp 5
  • Procomp Infiniti 8 Channel
  • Flexcomp in Procomp Infiniti mode (dip switch settings changed)

Channel Set for Procomp Infiniti

  • 1C. EEG-Z
  • 1D. EEG-Z

Channel Set for Procomp 2

  • 1A. EEG-Pro/Flex
  • 1B. EEG-Z
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ADHD Assessment Suite Tech Sheet