emWave Desktop USB Hardware Kit

  • USB Module (Interface Device)
  • Finger Sensor with strap
  • Ear Sensor with lapel clip
  • Auto-gain improves sensitivity & signal strength
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HMA 6010H
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emWave Desktop sensor module, ear sensor, and finger sensor. For use with emWave PC software (not included). Compatible with emWave PC v1.0.6 or higher and emWave Mac.

The emWave Desktop USB Sensor Module is a state-of-the-art interface device that powers either an Ear or Finger Sensor and interprets the data going to the software program.

The USB Sensor Module evaluates the biological data provided by the sensor. The Module provides appropriate power levels to the sensor diodes for sensitive readings with less signal loss.

The emWave Finger Sensor has a compact profile and lightweight construction. Easy finger placement, accommodates varying finger sizes more readily and it's flexible cord allows for freedom of movement. Strap is designed to allow for a more snug fit while still providing non-restrictive comfort to the user.

The emWave Ear Sensor has excellent signal quality, even under difficult conditions. Sleek design (smaller, thinner, lighter) is comfortable for extended wear and fits all sizes (child to adult).

The Ear Sensor has a compact profile and lightweight construction for a user friendly sensor. Great sensitivity and easy ear placement accommodates varying sizes readily and it's flexible cord allows for freedom of movement.

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  • New USB Sensor features auto-gain control for increased sensitivity and less signal loss
  • Finger Sensor
  • New Ear Sensor for hands-free operation
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