Finger Sensor for Emwave Pro

  • Works with emWave Pro, emWave2, Inner Balance
  • Sleek design fits a wide range of finger sizes
  • Compact profile & lightweight construction
  • 58 inch highly flexible cord
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HMA 6010F

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Finger sensor for the new Emwave Pro (for MAC or PC) biofeedback system. Works with emWave2 and Inner Balance for iPhone as well.

Sleeker design (smaller, thinner, lighter) can accommodate a wider range of finger sizes (child to adult).

emWave Desktop Sensor has a more compact profile and lightweight construction makes a more user friendly sensor. Greater sensitivity, easier finger placement, accommodates varying finger sizes more readily and it's longer, more flexible cord allows for more freedom of movement. New strap design allows for more snug fit while still providing non-restrictive comfort to the user.

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