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Force Sensor Adapter

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TTL T9540
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Measures force in one axis and displays output in BioGraph Infiniti virtual channel for force sensor as pounds force.

For use with Procomp Infiniti or Flexcomp Infiniti systems.
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A force sensor is sensitive to load applied to a small area of its surface. Force sensors are available in a number of maximum load ratings for example 10lbs and 50lbs. When connected to a person or object they sense changes in the applied pressure. The sensor plugs into the adapter which in turn plugs into the encoder.

A force sensor converts the load applied to a new value, as the load changes the value corresponding to that load changes with it. This raw value can be transformed into a meaningful calibrated value in the software by using the linear transform virtual channel. This linear transform takes the minimum and maximum value and converts it to the min-max output values corresponding to the positions (e.g. -119 to 72 becomes 0 to 10lbs).

Force sensor adapter - sensors sold separately.

This adapter requires force sensors and the Ergonomics Suite for the Procomp Infiniti Systems.


1 Year manufacturer warranty.


  • Sensor Resistive Range: 1Kohm - 1.4 Mohm (native Infiniti modes)
  • Output Voltage Transfer Function: Vout = [301Kohm/(Rfs + 575Kohm)] * Vs where Rfs is the resistance of force sensor in Kohms
  • Supply Voltage: (Vs) = 7.26V
  • Current Consumption: <1mA @ 7.26V nominal
  • Resistance to Volgage Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Length: ~60" ( 153cm )
  • Weight: ~10g