Glazer Pelvic Floor SEMG Assessment for Myotrac Infiniti

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There have been several recent advances in the field of intravaginal surface electromyography in the diagnosis and treatment of lower urogenital tract pain disorders. By Howard I. Glazer, Ph.D

Dr. Glazer's 7-minute SEMG assessment protocol is based on a sequence created by Dr. A Kegel after whom "Kegel" exercises are named. With 20 years of published research behind it, this assessment method offers insite into lower urogenital and gastro-intestinal disorders where pelvic floor musculature is involved.

Works with:

  • Procomp 5
  • Procomp Infiniti 8 Channel
  • Flexcomp
  • Myotrac Infiniti
  • Myotrac Infiniti U-Control

Channel Set

  • 1A. MyoScan-Flex
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Dr. Glazer's training method consists of a preliminary evaluation followed by a home exercise program of 20-minutes of exercises twice per day for up to 9-months. During this time, the patient is encouraged to visit their health provider for monitoring of the patient's progress every four to eight weeks for re-evaluation and exercise modification.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Glazer Assessment Suite Tech Sheet