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Goniometer Adapter

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TTL T9545
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Adapter works with goniometer that measures angle in up to two mutually perpendicular axes and displays output in BioGraph Infiniti virtual channel for goniometry as degrees of deflection.

Goniometer Adapter connects to third party single and dual axis goniometers for monitoring flexion/extension or torsion to measure joint position and angular changes during movement.

For use with Procomp Infiniti or Flexcomp Infiniti systems.

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A Goniometer/Torsiometer sensor can be sensitive to movement in a number of directions X axis, Y axis and rotation for a Torsiometer. Goniometers are available in a number of sizes with in up to two axes. Each axis requires a separate adapter.

When connected to a person or articulated object they sense changes in angle of one end of the sensor in relation to the other end. The sensor plugs into the adapter which in turn plugs into the ProComp encoder.

A goniometer sensor converts its position to a raw value, as the position changes the value corresponding to that position changes with it. Most goniometers have a specified minimum and maximum deflection. This raw value can be transformed into a meaningful calibrated value in the software by using the linear transform virtual channel. The linear transform takes the minimum ad maximum raw value and converts it to the min-max output values corresponding to the positions (e.g. -119 to 72 becomes 0 to 180 degrees).


  • Signal Input Range: -180 deg to +180 deg (+/-5 degrees of movement
  • Signal Output Range: 2.2000 - 3.400V
  • Input Inpedance: >1Mohm
  • Accuracy: +/-5%
  • Supply Voltage: 7/26VDC
  • Current Consumption: <4mA @ 7.26VDC
  • Size: 1.45" x 1.45" x 0.44" (37mm x 37mm x 10mm)
  • Weight: 0.5oz (15g)