GP8e - 6 Channel Biofeedback System

  • Cost effective starter system
  • Monitors up to 6 channels
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The GP8e 6 channel biofeedback system is an excellent way to add biofeedback to your practice or research. The low start up cost makes the system attractive to budget conscious individuals.


Physioamps configured by software for EMG, ECG. EEG

Sensor cables add finger pulse, respiration, skin conductance/resistance, and temperature

  • NO BATTERIES -- Power is supplied from USB by an isolation module. This reduces downtime and service problems.
  • RELIABLE CABLES – Medical standard 1.5mm pin to snap leads are used for electrode connections and are available from many suppliers.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY – This gives cleaner signals, more reliability, and lower cost in a compact, rugged enclosure.
  • SOFTWARE – General purpose signal monitoring and recording applications are included. The included software is supported on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Third party software is available from several suppliers. We provide drivers and support for software developers.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - A general purpose physiological signal monitor in a case the size of a pack of playing cards. Add a small computer and you have a system in your pocket.
  • CONNECTION TEST – A built-in test monitors electrode connections.

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  • GP8 Unit
  • USB Power Cord



    EMG Range -

  • 20Hz to 300Hz and 100Hz to 300Hz, +/-250uV
  • Noise - .2uV rms or 1.2uV p-pM
  • Digital – 14 bits or .03uV

    EEG Range -

  • .3Hz to 75Hz, +/-250uV
  • Noise - .1uV rms or .6uV p-p
  • Digital – 14 bits or .03uV

    ECG -

  • Range - .3Hz to 100Hz, +/-2500uV
  • Noise – 1uV rms or 6uV p-p
  • Digital – 14 bits or .3uV


Isolation – 3750 Volts peak, measured from electrode inputs to USB cable

Power – Medical grade isolation from USB cable (no batteries)

Computer – USB 2.0 connection to a PC running Windows 7 or 10


  • EDR/GSR – Constant current measurement in K ohms and micro siemens
  • Temperature – Thermister bead type, 60°F to 100°F, +/-1
  • Temperature IR (pir) – passive infrared with room temperature compensation, +/-3°F
  • Respiration – Belt type magnetic stretch gage sensor
  • Plethysmograph – Finger pulse sensor, DC infrared type for BVP, BVL, and HR