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Inner Tube for IOM and Alive

  • 3D racing using your thoughts and feelings
  • 20 detailed levels. 80 tube worlds. 4 ships to fly
  • Uses galvanic skin response, heart rate, HRV
  • For use with Wild Divine hardware
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Inner Tube teaches useful skills for kids, parents, athletes, executives and anyone who needs to stay relaxed, responsive and resourceful under pressure. For use with Wild Divine Hardware. - 20-use Free trial

Relax to win in Inner Tube. Using your Wild Divine(Relaxing Rhythms)Hardware, race against the clock to the end of 80 tunnel levels while ship speed, fog and music volume respond to your stress levels.

Fun for kids, teens and gamers. Easy for non-gamers to play with "auto-pilot" mode. Unique SomaSense technology insures that you will see and be able to control your stress level measurements on your first use.

Ship reflectivity, tunnel transparency, sky visibility, autopilot skill, fog, ship speed, background music volume and more can all be linked to your heart-rate and skin sweat creating fun new interactivity.

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  • 80 levels
  • 4 ships
  • 40 pieces of professional music
  • Easy to change, highly accurate stress measurements
  • Background music changes volume with your stress levels
  • Line graph and numeric displays quantify your changes
  • Responds to heart rate, heart coherence (HRV), finger sweat and sweat stability
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Biofeedback shows your heart-rate, skin sweat and other physiological measurements on your computer.

When you get scared or tense your heart-rate increases and your fingers become sweaty. When you relax your heart-rate decreases and your fingers become dry.

Somatic Vision software in combination with the Lightstone & ION hardware makes it easy for you to learn to control your stress levels by showing you your relaxation levels with line-graphs, music volume changes, 3D games and abstract visual displays.

By instantly observing the success of your efforts to control various aspects of your physiology, you learn to fine-tune the control you have over your own body.

  • Software CD
  • Registration Key

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
  • Wild Divine Lightstone sensors (or new Healing Rhythms IOM hardware)
  • Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz processor or higher
  • 16 MB video card with 3D acceleration
  • 256 MB free available system RAMCD-Rom drive
  • 500 MB of Disk Space
  • Available USB Port

Optimal Requirements:

  • Recent 32 MB DirectX compatible video card with PixelShader 2.0 and VertexShader 2.0 support
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