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Integrated Neurofeedback Suite

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In the Integrated Neurofeedback suite, most screens (100+ total) use multiple bands from 2 channels, combined in one main bar graph.

While this suite includes many screens with typical protocols, like 4-8 Hz / 15-18 Hz, it becomes especially useful when used with values coming from assessments (Full cap QEEG, TLC assessment and other mini-Qs, EEG Professionals/Brownback Masons CNC-1020, etc.), and from research and exploration. This is due to the judicious use of user-defined bands to automatically creates a large number of training screens tailored to the clients specific needs, with clients specific bands values. These iwer, Small Band Inhibit, the many "Auto-Ratios" created with the Low and High Inhibits (from left and right channels), the Windowed Squash and its variations, and the 2 channel Sailboat Race, among others. Connectivity screens, Alpha - Beta Symong others. Connectivity screens, Alpha - Beta Symmetry and JTFA - Gabor Percentage of Total Power are also part of this suite.

Works with:

  • Procomp 2
  • Procomp 5
  • Procomp Infiniti 8 Channel
  • Flexcomp in Procomp Infiniti mode (dip switch settings changed)
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The unique Protocol Selector review screens plot the actual protocol being used (the equation or formula attached to the main bar graph) instead of displaying only the values of the individual bands. The Protocol Selectors speed-up review time and help selecting the next protocol by superposing the one just used on top of other potential protocols.

Finally, special channel sets allow sessions recorded with other suites (other channel sets) to be reviewed with the Protocol Selectors.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Integrated Neurofeedback Suite Tech Sheet


Integrated Neurofeedback Suite Channel Set

  • 1A MyoScan-Pro 400 (EMG)
  • 1B MyoScan-Pro 400 (EMg)
  • 1C EEG-Z
  • 1D EEG-Z
  • 1E SC-Pro/Flex
  • 1F Temp-Pro/Flex
  • 1G HR/BVP-Pro/Flex
  • 1H Resp-Pro/Flex