Mindfield eSense Respiration - Sensor for iPhone & Android

  • Requires Mindfield eSense Skin Response GSR
  • Measure and effectively reduce your stress
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Export data as CSV or PDF file
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The Mindfield eSense Respiration is a sensor (biofeedback devices) useful for measuring respiration. The data is transmitted to your smartphone or tablet through the microphone input. Android and Apple iOS are supported. This enables respiratory biofeedback training, which you can perform independently, comfortably, almost anywhere.

Biofeedback breathing training consists of observing your breath through changing bars, curves, music, sounds, vibrations, light from bulbs, and much more. This gives you a conscious, new perspective on breathing. Self-awareness is trained and a feedback loop is created. With specific exercises in the eSense app, you will learn to breathe calmer, more evenly and deeply, and experience deep relaxation.

The eSense Respiration measures respiration, its rate and amplitude. Optionally, it can be used simultaneously with the eSense Pulse to train coherence between breathing and heart rate variability (HRV). The eSense application application also allows for the collected measurement data to be exported as a CSV file and a PDF report (for example: via email, Dropbox, or Google Drive).

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How It Works

When breathing there are 2 main measures, the amplitude of breath (AR = the amplitude of the breath, how deep you breathe) and the rate of breath (breaths per minute). Breathing is special because we can consciously control this parameter. Other typical biofeedback parameters do not have this option, as we are not able to consciously control them. This makes biofeedback breathing training a particularly suitable variant of biofeedback training for beginners.

Our mental state is reflected in our breathing. If we are stressed and tense, we usually breathe quickly, irregularly, and shallowly. This reflects positive and negative stress. On the other hand, if we are relaxed and calm, our breathing is generally slow, even, and deep.

In everyday life, we rarely think about our breathing and we breathe almost exclusively unconsciously. If our unconscious breathing patterns are disrupted by chronic stress, pain, or other psychological and physical stress, this often leads to discomfort and stress. With breath training you can train and improve your breathing, achieving deep relaxation. Therefore, breathing plays a large roll in almost all relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training, yoga, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation play an important role. With respiratory biofeedback and the eSense Respiration, there is now a modern tool to help you improve your breathing.


  • Mindfield eSense Respiration sensor
  • Expansion strap
  • Mindfield eSense App (Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training
  • Replacement spring
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Manuals and Data Sheets

eSense Respiration User Manual


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