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Mindfield eSense Skin Response - GSR sensor for iPhone & Android

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  • Measure and reduce stress with biofeedback
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Track progress over time
  • Export your session data
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The Mindfield eSense Skin Response is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance using two electrodes and the microphone input of your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.

Your skin conductance depends directly on your state of relaxation or stress, making it a commonly used and very precise stress indicator. With the eSense Skin Response, you can identify your stress level and learn to reduce it with biofeedback training.

The eSense provides you with exact feedback about your moment-to-moment stress levels, using dynamic charts, video displays and audio feedback.

eSense now has a headphone jack, so you can listen to music or audio books while training your stress level down!

How Does eSense Skin Response Work?

Skin response, also known as galvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR) or skin conductance (SC) is a method for measuring your skin's electrical conductance, which varies with its moisture level. Conductance is measured in µSiemens (µS) and is the inverse of electrical resistance.

The eSense Skin Response measures skin conductance between two electrodes attached to your index and middle fingers. Active measurement involves applying a very low, unnoticeable voltage to your fingers.

The perspiratory glands of your skin are controlled by your sympathetic nervous system, making their activity a good indicator for stress and activity. This effect is easily visible through the immediate increase in skin conductance following a stimulus. Stimulus can be mental or emotional strain, or taking a sudden, deep breath, or a startling action like someone unexpectedly clapping his or her hands. With eSense, you will see the effects easily!

Conscious control of physiological stress can help you to react more relaxed and more efficiently to many situations. Biofeedback is an established way to learn this kind of control.

Reduce your stress level effectively with the eSense Skin Response everywhere with your iOS, Android, or Amazon device!

eSense Skin Response Features

  • Support for Philips Hue & Magic Blue smart lights
    Control color and brightness with your skin conductance or skin temperature. All different types of bulbs are supported; color, white, lightstripe, Philips Hue Go, Spots, etc. Let your stress level colorize your living room!
  • Markers to set during recording, visible in CSV files
    Define several preset marker texts in app settings and set them during runtime with a tap on the flag button
  • Continuous sinus tone feedback
    Additional to single tones
  • More MP3 music files
    Expanded listening options for biofeedback training
  • New Auto mode
    Detects minimum and maximum values in the changable time window for all biofeedback functions that work with a range of values (i.e. tones, smartbulbs, fixation cross color in procedures)
  • Adjustable chart colors
    Oscilloscope background, chart line, and axis description
  • Skin Conductance Response (SCR) algorithm
    Detect, visualize, count and CSV export phasic parts of the skin conductance signal. An important marker, used to compare your sessions and track your success in training
  • New pie charts
    Featuring many parameters to analyse your session (number of SCR, SCR/min, decrease-, steady-, increase-Time, etc.)
  • New archive with session comparison
  • Function to export all sessions at once as .ZIP file
  • Questions presented after each session
    Note your position during recording, electrode type and your mood, with optional notes
  • Extensive, reworked Help Section

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  • Mindfield eSense Skin Response Sensor
  • 2 hook-and-loop electrodes
  • Free Mindfield eSense App
  • Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training
  • Adapter for Android devices

Manuals and Data Sheets

eSense Skin Response User Manual

eSense Skin Response Guide to Electrode Positions

Using Smart Bulbs with eSense FAQ (Magic Blue Bluetooth bulb and Philips™ Hue™ products)


1 Year manufacturer warranty.


  • Measurement at 10 Hz (10 values per second)
  • Five values per second (averaged) are stored in the app and can be exported via e-mail. In the resulting CSV file, five rows represent one second of data
  • Resolution: 18bit, rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point. Not rounded for export to CSV

Supported Devices

Which iOS Devices are Supported?

  • Apple® iPhone® from 4S
  • Apple® iPad® from 2nd Generation
  • Apple® iPad® Pro
  • Apple® iPod touch® from 5th Generation
  • Apple® iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (in combination with the included Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter)

Which Android Devices are Supported?

  • All Android smartphones and tablets from Android 4.4
  • Your Android device requires a 3,5mm jack (headphone jack) for external microphones!