MyOnyx Basic - 4 Channel - Portable and Wireless - sEMG and Electrostimulation

  • Easy to Use, 3 Click Operations
  • 4 Channels of Customizable Powerful stimulation
  • Works With Free Android Mobile App
  • Pre-Set Electrostimulation Protocols for Ease of Use
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The MyOnyx device is a portable, rechargeable device for surface EMG biofeedback and electrostimulation which offers two functionality modes: standalone (Stim only) or sEMG and/or Stim with an Android device.

MyOnyx is by therapists, for therapists

  • Implementing the best Evidence and current concepts of Motor learning, neuroplasticity, and patient centered care and engagement.
  • Setting the stage for the clinician to bring their own knowledge and expertise into the treatment, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution

Two modes of operation

  • Standalone mode
  • Remote Control mode

A wide variety of modalities & state-of-the-art advanced features

  • Electrostimulation: 4 channels of fully customizable powerful stimulation
  • SEMG Surface Electromyography: 2 channels of 2048s/s raw signal. A plethora of feedback types and options: games, music, and animations. Simple or detailed reviewing, editing and reporting features. Measure patient muscle activation efforts, and teach relaxation, activation or fine motor control with the power of Biofeedback.
  • ETS EMG-Triggered Stimulation: state of the art modality allows patients to start a task actively, and be assisted by electrostimulation once reaching a set threshold, thereby rewarding effort with movement and promoting neuroplasticity
  • MET/TENS are stim functions intended for the symptomatic relief of acute and chronic intractable pain. Older devices require firmware update below.

Firmware upgrade Nov 2022

  • There are 2 standard programs that will be unlocked immediately on the device after the upgrade for existing users and available for new purchases.
  • Like with EMG-triggered stim and regular E-Stim (NMES), you can customize the settings from the mobile app and transfer it to the Myonyx device.
  • Firmware upgrades will be handle by Thought Technology. After filling out the firmware upgrade form you will be mailed a USB dongle for the upgrade. Firmware Upgrade (Link will open in new tab and website.)

MyOnyx is intended for the following:

  • Biofeedback, relaxation, and muscle re-education
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Increase in local blood circulation
  • Stroke rehabilitation through muscle re-education
  • mmediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  • Treatment of stress, urge, or mixed urinary incontinence, acute and ongoing, where the inhibition of the detrusor muscle, through reflexive mechanisms, may improve urinary control; assessing EMG activity of the pelvic floor and accessory muscles, such as abdominal or gluteal.

In Standalone mode, the MyOnyx essentially functions as an ESTIM device. From the device’s user interface, you can select and run sessions from a list of preset ESTIM session types with up-to 4 channels. On the MyOnyx app, you can also modify a preset session to create a new ESTIM session configuration.

A Dual Exercise mode allows you to run two ESTIM sessions at the same time (ex. For upper and lower back). ESTIM protocols include a variety of NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) sessions. NMES is a therapy that generates muscle contractions and engages muscle activation. Each session type is defined by its duration, number of Work/Rest steps, ramp up or down time and pulse rate and width.

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  • 1 MyOnyx device
  • 4 EMG/STIM 2 lead cables with DIN connectors
  • 1 patient drive lead
  • Medical grade power supply
  • 4 DIN to snap adapters
  • Electrode samples (3 Unigel & 1 AxelGaard STIM electrode)
  • MyOnyx hardware manual
  • MyOnyx App (Available on Google Play) Requires use of an Android device.

Manuals and Data Sheets

MyOnyx User Manual

MyOnyx Hardware Manual

MyOnyx Rehab Suite User Manual

Basics of SEMG Applied to Psychophysiology


1 Year manufacturer warranty.


  • Wireless connectivity to Android tablets and Windows PCs via Bluetooth
  • 8 GB of internal memory to save client sessions and custom protocols
  • 4 inputs with multiple combinations of SEMG and ESTIM channels
    • Inputs A & B can be set for EMG or STIM
    • Inputs C & D are for STIM only
  • Separate patient drive lead for shared ground
  • Comes with preset ESTIM programs
  • Dual Exercise mode allows you to run two STIM programs at the same time
  • Allows users to edit/customize ESTIM programs
  • Ability to run STIM sessions without selecting a client (tap and go)
  • Inside the device, raw EMG is sampled 2048 times/second
    • In the Android app, EMG is displayed in RMS
    • The MyOnyx Rehab Solution can display EMG raw or RMS
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