1 to 19 Channel Z Score Neurofeedback for NeuroGuide [NF1]

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19 Channel Z Score Biofeedback add-on for NeuroGuide. Allows for training of surface brain areas based on the International 10/20 system.

Perform real-time biofeedback with Z Scores. Use Laplacian, average reference, and linked ears references. Train coherence, phase difference, phase lock, phase shift, relative power and absolute power measures simultaneously. Enter protocols manually, or by using the included Symptom Checklist.

Acquire EEG from the BrainMaster Discovery NeuroPulse/Mindset, or Deymed amplifiers, then seamlessly switch to NeuroGuide Deluxe for detailed Normative Database analyses. Save time and effort with seamless acquisition, QEEG analysis and neurofeedback.

Requires: NeuroGuide & NeuroGuide Collection Module, or NeuroGuide Acquisition

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System Requirements

Requires Neuroguide Deluxe
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