NeuroGuide Deluxe QEEG - [NG]

  • Import all major EEG file types for analysis
  • Most comprehensive EEG/qEEG analysis system available
  • FDA Compliant Normative Database Comparisons
  • EEG Feature Detection & Time Marking
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NeuroGuide Deluxe allows you to import previously recorded EEG data, clean and analyze data, as well as process the data into maps and necessary statistics. This will help you get a clear picture of the overall functioning of a person's brain and aid in the creation of personalized training protocols.

Built from 625 normative comparisons of relative power, absolute power, power ratios, coherence, and phase and amplitude asymmetry, NeuroGuide Deluxe is the most informative and comprehensive Conventional EEG and QEEG analysis system available.

Simple to use Windows functions provide for Automatic Artifact Rejection, Dynamic FFTs with comparisons to FFT lifespan, and Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Norms covering ages from birth to 82 years of age. NeuroGuide includes TBI & LD discriminant functions, as well as an integrated statistical package. It also includes predictions of neuropsychological test scores using the Brain Performance Index.

NeuroGuide is a Tool Set that a Clinician or Researcher can apply to help link symptoms and behavior to functional networks in the brain. One of the tools is EEG Neuroimaging to evaluate Brodmann Areas and nodes and connections of functional networks in the brain likely linked to symptoms, statically or in real-time.

NeuroGuide provides a retrospective view of EEG waveforms and offline artifact rejection. NeuroGuide also offers calculations of Spectral Energy, Power and Coherence along with discriminant Functions, Signal Generator, LORETA Norms, and Brain Performance Index (QEEG Information).

NeuroGuide uses a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) with .5Hz and 1Hz resolution to provide color headmaps with a bandwidth of 0-40Hz, a Joint-Time-Frequency Analysis component to identify time events greater or less than a threshold value, as well as LORETA analysis. All of this over 19 channels of incoming information, offering flexibility in montage selection and easy exporting into other programs, making this a remarkable, versatile, in-depth tool.

Review different EEG file formats. Create SnapShots of interesting records for review by colleagues. Highlight asymmetries and slowing with side-by-side FFTs and Topographs. Simplify your clinical reports with integrated report generation. Quickly review your long-term records with high-speed visual playback. Compare electrographic and clinical signs with synchronized video. Reduce data storage requirements by archiving interesting or periodic sections of EEG and video. Remove eyeblink or EKG artifacts with automatic artifact rejection methods. Localize spikes with Cursor Analysis and Voltage Plots. Localize seizures with FFT or Matching Pursuit spectrograms or LORETA. Choose 10-20, 10-10 or custom electrode maps up to 128 channels.

NeuroGuide is a powerful tool for many disciplines: neurologists, epileptologist, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurotherapists, neuropsychologists, clinician and researchers. The NeuroGuide Analysis software is to be used by qualified medical or clinical professionals for the statistical evaluation of the human electroencephalogram (EEG). For research and education, NeuroGuide is intended to be used by competent and ethical students and professionals for the statistical evaluation of the human electroencephalogram (EEG).


  • Filters and Annotation - Adjustable hi-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters, including time domain LORETA with Z scores and peak-to-peak measurements by using the amplitude measure tool.
  • EEG Feature Detection - Spike and waves, drowsiness, alpha bursts, hemispheric asymmetries using the JTFA Selection tool and band-pass filters.
  • Flexible Signal Generator calibration tools
  • Excellent Filter tools (adjustable Band Pass , Band Stop, Hi-Pass, Low-Pass)
  • Reliability Measures - Select artifact free EEG segments and instantly view the split-half and test re-test reliability of your selections.
  • Semi-Automatic Artifact Rejection with Manual Editing Capability
  • EEG Spindle and Burst Metrics - Analyze EEG burst features such as amplitude, duration and number of bursts per second.
  • Spikes and Sharp Waves - Joint-Time-Frequency-Analyses (JTFA) are available to examine characteristic EEG patterns of spikes and sharp waves and other events. The first and second derivatives of the JTFA can be used to visualize rapid rise time events in the EEG record in order to more precisely identify and quantify a possible epileptogenic event.


  • Localize spikes and seizures, remove artifacts, and highlight asymmetries and slowing with integrated Frequency Domain, Time Domain, Joint-Time-Frequency-Analysis (JTFA) and Source Localization - all standard in NeuroGuide Deluxe.
  • Full-featured EEG review including import of different EEG machine formats on any Windows PC. Rapidly scroll through the EEG record, change the time base to display up to 3 hours of recording on one page. Mouse click amplitude and time scaling and flexible grid control and color control of the EEG traces. Facilitate visual review by computing instantaneous power, coherence and phase as the mouse is dragged over the EEG tracings. Event marking and event sorting tools, 3-dimensional source analysis of spike and waves and other EEG events.
  • Video review synchronized to the EEG improves seizure detection and behavioral monitoring
  • Up to 85 standard 10-10 electrode locations and 128 channel import capacity upon request. Many different common references, Average Reference, Current Source Density and Bipolar references by simple mouse clicks. Create your own montage configuration using NeuroGuide's Create Montage tool.
  • Re-Montage to different Reference Arrangements, e.g., Bipolar, Average reference, Current Source Density (CSD)
  • EEG Feature Time Marking - Time stamp and label EEG events and then sort the events based on type of event or time. Evaluate lists of events and click to the point of time in the record.
  • Joint-Time-Frequency-Analysis (Gabor Adaptive Spectrogram)
  • EEG Coherence and EEG Phase Raw Values and Z Score Nora frequency bands
  • LORETA Time Domain - Time domain LORETA source localization by simple mouse clicks of individual EEG events such as tri-phasic waves, theta bursts, slow waves, K-complex, Sharp Waves, Spikes and other time domain events selected by a qualified professional.


  • Normative Databases - Simultaneous conventional EEG and quantitative EEG on the same screen, using Dynamic FFT and JTFA reference normative databases from clinically screened normal individuals ranging in age from 2 months to 82 years.
  • View different reference normative databases such as bipolar montages, current source density montages and average reference montages in eyes closed and eyes open conditions.
  • Z scores of instantaneous coherence and phase delays and power measures
  • Instantaneous Coherence, Phase, Power and Amplitude Asymmetry including instantaneous Z scores (Dynamic JTFA)
  • Lifespan Normative Comparisons (N = 625): Rel. Power, Abs. Power, Power Ratios, Coherence, Phase and Amp. Asymmetry
  • Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Lifespan Norms for Linked ears, average ref. and Current Source Density (CSD)
  • Dynamic and Flexible FFT and Normative Comparisons in the Editing Mode


  • NeuroGuide provides tab delimited output files of the edited EEG and analyses. These can be imported into any statistical package or database management system.
  • Export the entire digital EEG in ASCII or export only your artifact free selections or your selections of spike and wave events and other selected EEG features.
  • Export to the Key Institute LORETA equations and the Montreal Neurological MRI Database
  • Time domain Output Files Formatted for easy import to LORETA Key Institute


  • Over 60 different Topographic color maps
  • Full-featured topographic color maps of power, coherence, phase delays, amplitude asymmetry, peak frequency analysis and much more. Print the maps or export selected maps to a template clinic report.
  • LORETA Source Correlation (Brodmann areas and anatomical regions of interest)
  • Editing annotation tools and Bitmap capture for easy report creation
  • Create high quality printouts on any printer by changing the paper speed, montages and amplitude scaling.


Import from a wide variety of EEG formats:

ANT, BESA, Biologic, BioSemi, Brainmaster Standard, Brainmaster Mini-Q, Brainmaster Discovery, BrainScope, BrainVision, Cadwell EasyIII, Cadwell Spectrum32, CapScan Prism-5, CapScan CS-80, DeyMed, Grass-Telefactor Aura, Grass-Telefactor Comet, Human Bionics, Lexicor NRS 24, Manscan, Mindset 16 Channel, Mindset 24 Channel, Mitsar, Neurocybernetics, NeuroData, NeuroNavigator, NeuroPrax, NeuroScan, NeuroVital, Nexus, Nicolet Bravo Intuition, Nicolet Alliance Works, Nicolet UltraSom NT, Nicolet BMSI-6000, Nihon Kohden, NuAmps, Procomp, QSI, SynAmps 16 Bit, SynAmps 32 Bit, XLTEK, EDF, EDF+, Text File (ASCII)

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Manuals and Data Sheets

Neuroguide Deluxe Manual

Neuroguide Instructions for Download and Activation


The NeuroGuide 1.8.x series marks the last free update for those who have purchased NeuroGuide more than one year ago. Because of the expense to continually upgrade NeuroGuide it is now necessary to charge a $600/year Upgrade Subscription to all users of NeuroGuide who want to receive updates beyond the initial version that they purchased. The policy of Applied Neuroscience, Inc. remains in which a primary single user’s license is issued and a free and renewable second license is issued in instances where a single-user wants to run NeuroGuide on a laptop at home and a desktop at work, etc. However, there will now be a 50% charge of full price including add ons for a 3rd license to the same single user and the full price will be charged for a 4th license.

The NeuroGuide add ons such as NeuroStat, NeuroBatch, Discriminant Functions, LORETA norms and the Brain Performance Index are integrated within NeuroGuide. This means that future upgrades of the add ons will require joining the upgrade subscription service at a charge of $600/year.

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