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  1. Reusable Gold Spider Electrodes (10 Pack)
    The Reusable Spider Electrode is an innovative alternative to the traditional cup electrode thanks to its special design, construction and light-weight cable. Made with patient comfort in mind, our Spider Electrodes feature a flat, webbed design that provides superior adhesion and covers a greater surface area. Learn More
    As low as $119.95
  2. 12mm Sintered Silver/Silver Chloride disc with 60 inch Lead White - Neurofield
    12MM SENSOR- 60 INCH LEADWIRE (LOW PROFILE) - For use with the Neurofield or any 1.5mm DIN connector. Learn More
  3. Disposable Webbs Silver/Silver-Chloride Electrodes (10 Pack)
    Disposable Webbed EEG Electrodes are designed to increase patient comfort while providing quality recordings that can last through both night and day studies and for multiple days. As a disposable electrode, remove the risk of cross contamination by using it once and throw it away. Learn More
    As low as $12.95
  4. Monopolar / Bipolar EEG Electrode Kit - Thought Technology
    The T8750 EEG Electrode kit has DIN style EEG leads with DIN cable for the Thought Technology EEG Sensors. Includes cables for both Monopolar and Bipolar EEG placements. Includes (2) Gold Ear Clips and (2) Cup sensors - 22.5" in length and T8740 DIN Cable. Learn More
  5. Thought Technology Bipolar Cup Leads -T8730
    Brand new Bipolar Cup Leads. Part# T8730. Protected Pin.Also available in monopolar. Call if you are looking for monopolar. Learn More
  6. Used EEG Linked Ears Cable
    Thought Technology EEG Linked Ears Cable. Part# TTL T8735. Tin Style. Learn More
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