Switch Sensor Cable for ProComp 2 with EEG-Z Sensor

  • Easily trigger impedance checks with the EEG-Z sensor
  • Switch button briefly interrupts the sensor circuit
  • Avoids having to disconnect and reconnect the sensor
  • For use with ProComp2 encoder and EEG-Z sensor only
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The switch sensor cable enables you to trigger an impedance check with the EEG-Z sensor by pressing and releasing the switch button to briefly interrupt the sensor circuit. The EEG-Z sensor enters impedance checking mode, without requiring you to disconnect and reconnect the sensor.

The switch sensor cable is a replacement cable designed specifically for use with the ProComp2 encoder and the EEG-Z sensor.

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Connecting the Cable
  • Align the guiding dot on the top of the cable plug with the notch in the encoder input socket, and gently insert the plug into the socket.
  • Repeat this to connect the other end of the cable to the bottom of the sensor head.
Using the Switch Cable to Check Impedance
  • 1. Use the switch sensor cable to connect the EEG-Z sensor to Input B of the ProComp2 encoder.
  • 2. Place the electrodes on the client and connect the EEG extender cable to the EEG-Z sensor.
  • 3. Start the software, choose the impedance checking channel set, and start a session.
  • 4. Do not start recording. Access the impedance checking function from the Hardware menu.
  • 5. Press and release the switch button on the sensor cable.
The sensor goes into impedance checking mode and the window displays impedance values.
  • 6. If necessary, adjust the electrodes on the client and then repeat the preceding step.
  • 7. When you are satisfied with the displayed values, close the impedance check window and end the impedance checking session.
  • 8. Connect the EEG extender cable to Input A of the ProComp2 encoder, and disconnect the switch sensor cable and EEG-Z sensor from Input B.
  • 9. Choose the appropriate channel set and start the recording session.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Switch Sensor Cable Guide


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